Top Crockery Cabinet Inspirations for Your Modular Kitchen Designs

Crockery Cabinet Inspirations

A crockery cabinet or crockery unit is a piece of furniture included in the overall design of the Modular kitchen. It’s used to store cutlery, dinnerware, glasses, tableware, and crockery items. Cool, modern and chic looking crockery cabinets are gaining popularity in Indian households to make the kitchen well organised and better managed.

There are numerous benefits of having a crockery cabinet in the kitchen. Some of them are as follows:

Extra Functionality:
A crockery cabinet is for multipurpose usage. With enough storage space and neatly segregated spaces for crockery, you can sort them as per their size or their type, at your convenience.

Cherry on Top:
Apart from adding additional storage and functionality, a crockery cabinet acts as the last missing piece of an appealing modular kitchen design. When you select the perfect crockery cabinet for your modular kitchen design, it can give a charming and complete effect to the kitchen. You can go for wooden kitchen cabinets or glass cabinet doors to bring out that modern charm to your kitchen interiors.

A crockery cabinet is highly customisable as per your requirement and the space available in the kitchen. You can have a wall-mounted crockery unit if you do not have enough space to get a full-fledged conventional crockery cabinet, both of which are customisable.

Top Crockery Cabinet Inspirations


There are a lot of designs available in the market that are made out of different materials and finishes. There are crockery cabinets that have various finishes like solid wood, glass, matte, gloss and high-gloss, etc.

Crockery cabinets are inspired by different styles too. There are modular kitchen crockery cabinets, there are different crockery cabinets for open and closed kitchens, cabinets with a lot of drawers and cabinets with a lot of shelves, etc. You just have to name it and you can get a crockery unit you like.

As crockery cabinets are available in all shapes, sizes, materials and styles, there is a huge price range within which crockery cabinets are available. You need to take into account your budget, your kitchen space and your requirements thoroughly before going for crockery cabinet shopping. Here are some recommendations for good crockery cabinet design ideas for your modular kitchen design:

A Free-Standing Crockery Cabinet:
A free-standing crockery cabinet can be suitable for any type of interior and any modular kitchen design theme. Getting a free-standing crockery cabinet with glass doors can enable you to display your fancy glassware and dinnerware. The right style for this cabinet can really act as the perfect balance between looks and functionality. A free-standing crockery cabinet is also one of the cheapest options to go for. They can be made out of wood with transparent doors that help in displaying your crockery items.

Top Crockery Cabinet Inspirations for Your Modular Kitchen Designs

Big and Spacious Conventional Crockery Cabinet:
A conventional crockery cabinet looks luxurious and goes perfectly with your modular kitchen design. A conventional cabinet can take up a lot of space but it will all be worth it and it makes the kitchen look amazing. The cabinets can be mounted to the wall, the shelves are reachable, not too high and not too low. You can either have open shelves or closed shelves and you can use the open shelves for decorative or display purposes. You can have this design with laminate, gloss and wood finishes too.

Wall-mounted simple crockery cabinet:
A wall-mounted crockery cabinet is best suited for compact modular kitchens. You can install wall mounted cabinets in L-shaped kitchens or parallel kitchens. You can get all the functionality of a big crockery cabinet and you will have a permanent place for all of the crockery items in your modular kitchen. The wall-mounting feature can help you save floor space and you will have space to move freely in the kitchen. This cabinet will add to the beauty and aesthetics of the modular kitchen design.

A Well Organised Crockery Cabinet:
A well-organised crockery cabinet is a cabinet where you will find a designated place for each and every type of crockery item in your modular kitchen. There is a different place for fancy glassware, a different place for imported dinnerware, a different place for the limited edition wine glasses and a different place for your glasses and plates for daily usage. As you might have guessed, this type of crockery cabinet is suitable for medium to big-sized kitchens. This cabinet can have open and closed shelves too. You can also install a mini bar in your modular kitchen design if you go for a well-organised crockery unit for your home. There are multiple rows and segments all over the cabinet which makes it the perfect storage option ever!

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