Things You Should Consider While Looking at Wardrobe Brands

Wardrobes are the main piece of furniture for the house which not only add utility but also add style and make a fashion statement when guests come in. Almost every other furniture piece in your house can be optional but furniture like sofas, dining tables and wardrobes are a must to have in any household.

Wardrobes make up for a significant portion of the interior design budget. Such a costly and essential affair should be dealt with just as much caution and precision in order to ensure that the wardrobes come out exactly as we want. Let’s go through some of the pointers that will help you to pick the best wardrobe brand that’ll suit your needs and is also economically feasible. 

Materials used:
The quality of material used by the wardrobe brand should be one of the top priorities of the customer. The quality and longevity of the product will mainly depend upon the quality of the material they are using. It is better to inquire about where the raw material comes from and what are all the precautions and measures that are taken to ensure that the end product will be as good as it should be. Your wardrobe brand should be able to provide you with all this information.

The final design of your wardrobe depends on what kind of budget you have. Set a cap on your budget as soon as you get familiar with the prices of designs in the wardrobe brands market. If you like a design and find out afterwards that it costs more than what you expected, you’ll most likely be disappointed. Setting a budget will not only help you but also help your interior designers to help you with exactly what fits into your budget. Different wardrobe brands offer different prices so make sure that you are clear with your budget to help you pick your wardrobe brand.

Types of wardrobes:
There are many types of wardrobe brands in the market. But not all of them have what you are looking for. They provide many wardrobe designs for you to choose from. You can pick your wardrobe based on its utility and the space available in your house. Some of the common types of wardrobes are:

Readymade Wardrobes:
This type of wardrobe can be readily bought from any furniture or hardware shop in the market. They are the most economical and time-saving option to go for. If you feel that a movable wardrobe will benefit you, you can absolutely go for this kind of wardrobe.

Hinged Wardrobes:
Wardrobes with doors that have hinges and open outwards are called hinged wardrobes. Most of the readily available wardrobes are hinged wardrobes. Hinged wardrobes are always trending because they can be customised to almost any type of design. They are easy to install, a wider range of designs are available and hinged doors of any size can be installed in a single wardrobe design.

Sliding Wardrobes:
As the name suggests, sliding doors are installed in the place of hinged doors in these wardrobes. Sliding doors can’t be installed in all the wardrobe designs, so these wardrobes are specifically designed to accommodate the sliding doors. These kinds of wardrobes save space in the bedroom or wherever you choose to install them since they don’t have doors that open outwards. Sliding wardrobes use space efficiently and look sleek at the same time. Some of the top wardrobes brands like Würfel can provide great designs that suit your taste and budget.

Walk-in Wardrobes:
These wardrobes probably require the least amount of work and money to get them ready to use. An open space is utilised for a walk-in wardrobe whereas the ready-made wardrobes are placed in the rooms to make space to store things. A good part of the bedroom is used for a walk-in wardrobe. They do not have doors so everything is exposed so that you can just walk to it and grab it. If you decide on going for a walk-in wardrobe, it is better to have a good amount of space in your bedroom just for this purpose.

The customisability factor is something that is offered by many of the top wardrobe brands while designing a modular wardrobe. You need to consider this factor while deciding on the wardrobe brands if there is any necessity to customize the default design because many times it costs extra. Be clear with your wardrobe brand about the customisability factor and get a detailed bill when it’s done.

Range of Modular Wardrobe Designs:
The range of modular wardrobe designs can speak volumes of the innovative technology of a brand. Würfel has an amazing collection of wardrobe designs like the opera design for a walk-in wardrobe, the Chiaro wardrobe for hinged wardrobes, the Mezo wardrobe for sliding wardrobes, and many more. You can check out their range of modular wardrobe designs.

There are many wardrobe design brands in the market today. Würfel has managed to become a top interior designing brand very quickly. Würfel is a relatively young brand but it has never compromised on the quality of the product and customer satisfaction. Würfel has its raw materials imported from Europe. They have brought European designs with German precision to Indian households. The research and innovation team is always finding a better design for homes at Würfel. They have also won the most innovative kitchen award two times in a row(2019,2020). To know more about Würfel.