Maintaining Your Modular Kitchen In Nine Simple Steps

Modular Kitchen

Maintenance of the modular kitchen is one of the most major tasks given the amount of work that goes in there. It’s most prone to stains, heat, water, moisture and so many other things and it can be tedious to make it shine always.

The busiest place in the house in India is the kitchen, which is home to a variety of fast-paced activities. When we’re rushing about trying to get things done, we need speed and convenience, which is now available to us thanks to the creation of modular kitchens. If we look at the current trend, we can see that modular kitchens are gradually gaining traction across India.

It’s not possible to keep your kitchen spick and span all the time, but what you can do is try to maintain it by doing little things here and there so that it stays clean and organised.

Keeping all things in mind, we have curated nine points for you that you could use to maintain your kitchen space efficiently:

1. Regular cleaning:
It’s a very common tendency to overlook the importance of regular cleaning in the kitchen, but it can actually do wonders. When we clean the kitchen regularly it’s easier to remove the stains before they become difficult. To maintain the gleaming and long-lasting appearance of the modular kitchen’s drawers and racks, use a light cleanser and a soft cloth. Keep in mind that if you clean on a regular basis, you’ll be able to avoid any dust or filth from settling on your cabinets. Furthermore, avoid applying a harsh component because it will cause your surface to become rough over time.

2. Close the cabinets:
Quite often we might forget to close the cabinets or sometimes just don’t close it thinking it’ll be easier to access the materials next time. But, that can lead to the accumulation of dust and moisture making your cleaning process super difficult. Cooking also leads to spillage of oil and other things. To prevent this, close the shutters, racks, drawers, and cabinets of your kitchen. It’ll also prevent any steam from the kitchen from entering the cabinets and causing stickiness on the surface. If something spills while you’re working in the kitchen, wipe it down with a cloth right away to avoid persistent stains or marks.

3. Keep the hinges in check:
The cabinets and drawers are often overlooked in the kitchen, and we tend to use them harshly most of the time, especially when in a hurry. If this opening and closing of drawers occur regularly in the kitchen, the drawers may become unhinged over time. Another scenario in which this could happen is if you put a lot of weight on the drawers, causing the fittings to come loose. As a result, the first step you should take is to put high-quality hinges in all of your modular kitchen cabinets.

4. Ventilation is the key:
Since the kitchen is prone to stains, heat, and moisture, one tip that can save your modular kitchen from damages and also help you work peacefully is to make sure there is proper ventilation in there. Cooking an Indian meal on the stove needs a lot of stirring, which results in odours, oil stains, and humidity due to the tropical climate. Allow some fresh air to enter, which’ll help to ventilate your modular kitchen and keep it from deteriorating.

Modular Kitchen

5. Use the space wisely:
The kitchen can become overwhelming with too many things dumped in there. From the ingredients to the vessels and cutlery, it’s easy for the kitchen to look overcrowded with too many things in it. One of the most appealing aspects of a modular kitchen is the large amount of space available. Because a kitchen is utilised several times throughout the day, it is destined to become messy. If you group your utensils and then have a distinct place for each group, you will be able to keep your kitchen space more organised.

6. Keep the pests in check:
Make sure you receive a regular anti-termite and roach treatment to keep your kitchen from becoming infested with insects that pose a serious health risk. You can also use a pesticide on a regular basis to maintain your kitchen pest-free.

7. Use the papers:
The use of papers in the cabinets and the modular kitchen is really underrated. Its importance is overlooked and ignored. Dust may be prevented from gathering and creeping into tricky places by placing a sheet of paper in your cabinets. This is a life-saving suggestion. Maintain in mind, however, that you need to change the paper once a month to keep your storage areas dust-free!

8. Keep changing the kitchen cloth:
The kitchen cloth faces the brunt of a lot of dust and stains as it’s the handiest thing we use to clean every now and then.

Using the same cooking cloth for several days is a frequent behaviour amongst many people. It’s critical that you break this behaviour quickly and replace the old and soiled kitchen cloth with a new one on a regular basis. Keep at least 4 napkins handy and you can keep interchanging them every now and then. As soon as you feel they are used enough, replace them with fresh ones to maintain proper hygiene.

How to Maintain Modular Kitchen

9. Deep clean:
Apart from the regular cleaning, make sure to deep clean your kitchen once in a while to keep the look and design intact. Try to reshuffle the kitchen materials, take them out and clean the spaces. Try to sanitize the space as well for extra protection from harmful elements. From the walls to the cabinets and the containers, clean them and of course, do not leave any corners.

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