6 Living Room Design Mistakes Everyone Makes

Living Room Design Mistakes

The Living room is the centre of attraction in any house usually and has the pressure to be more appealing than the other places in the house. From interior designers to homeowners, everyone often tries to do their best to make the living room design as attractive as possible.

A well decorated and styled living room can naturally improve the look of your home. But it’s also important that it’s done keeping all factors and details in place. Sometimes you might be so involved and habituated to how your living room looks that you might not notice what could possibly be off. Here are some common living room design mistakes one could make, which you could keep in my mind.

1. Choosing the wrong furniture:
One common mistake that is made while doing the living room design is going overboard with the furniture. Sometimes we tend to fill our living room space with too much sofa and not pay heed to how much space it consumes. Not just that, we don’t pay attention to details like if the furniture is in sync with other elements in the room like the flooring, wall, and other aesthetics or not. So, next time you design your living room, be mindful of how much and what kind of furniture you are incorporating. Try to keep it as minimal as possible and instead of going with big sofas that consume a lot of space, be smart with it by incorporating things like bean bags and comfortable chairs with cushions and pillows.

2. Ignoring the small elements:
Another common mistake that people often tend to make with their living room design is ignoring the little elements like accessorising it. Be it with little lights or carpets, sometimes we tend to miss things that could possibly improve the entire look of the room without much effort. Adding minimal accessories can make a world of difference when it comes to the living room. Nice little keyholders, letter holders, wall hanging, scented candles etc., can really add to the aesthetic.

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3. Going wrong with the curtains:
The curtains can change the look of the room entirely. Getting the curtains right can be tricky but that’s the fun of it. It’s important to make sure your curtains are in sync with the colours of the room. It shouldn’t look out of place with the colours of the wall and the floor. As much as the colours and patterns of the curtains are important, their placement in the room also matters. A place can be closed in by hanging curtain rods slightly above the window. Place the rod half a foot above the window frame instead. This will give the room a sense of spaciousness and height.

4. Planning the layout poorly:
A living room layout requires a good deal of planning and proper research before execution. From the placement of furniture to TV, everything needs to be in synergy. For any living room design to be at its best, it is necessary for it to look neat and well-organized. Each living room is different, hence the requirements also vary. Depending on the size of the room, the space has to be filled with furniture and accessories. If it’s a cramped room, then it’s best to use minimum furniture and keep it minimalistic. We often make the mistake of loading the room with too many things making it look shabby. Hence, be mindful of the layout of your room and plan things accordingly. If that’s something you find difficult, then Würfel can help you achieve all your living room decor requirements. From planning the layout to giving you the best interior options, they got it all covered!

5. Keeping only one upper lighting in your room:
One thing that often skips the list while designing the living room is the lighting. It has more significance than you know! Lighting establishes a mood. It should reflect your mood, thus the living room cannot simply be adorned with a chandelier in the centre. Do a little more than just a tube light or a chandelier. Add little candles and even lanterns, experiment with the lighting, create your own space. Add floor lamps or study lamps in corners to elevate the overall lighting without making it too loud.  The place should be bright enough to avoid it from becoming dull, at the same time subtle enough to strike the balance and not be hard on the eyes.

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6. Neglecting functionality:
One common mistake that a lot of people make while doing their living room design is focusing too much on how it looks and ignoring the functionality part of it. Forgetting to include elements like cabinets to hoard books and other materials, a good coffee table, multi-purpose furniture is a common mistake. It is clever to go for these things as they improve functionality while being aesthetically pleasing. For instance, instead of throwing around the keys, having a nice little keyholder is not just helpful in keeping the keys safe but also adds to the accessories. In the same way, a multi-purpose sofa set or table can help you hoard maximum things in the most effortless way.

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