How to style your home like an interior designer

Everyone may not be able to hire an interior designer to come into their home and create stunning and well-coordinated decor. Many homeowners want to be the ones to pick selections and include their personal sense of style and décor in their designer homes.

While we admire interior designers and the dedication they put into their work, we also recognize that many of you want a designer look without having to incur the designer price tag. We’re sure that these top interior design tips will help you achieve your goal of decorating your dream home.

 Let’s look closely at how you can redesign your home by arranging and creating the design of your space in a manner that you thought only an interior designer could do. These tips will assist you in making your interiors look like luxurious resorts:

1. Lookup magazines and research on websites that include many inspirational home style designs:
 Looking for a specific room style design or want to renovate your entire home? Fret not. Websites such as Pinterest are filled (as many of us have already discovered) with numerous creative décor design ideas to help inspire one and all.

 Start making inspiration boards for your house’s design today if you haven’t done it already. It will prove to be your first step towards creating the home you want.

Search for house styles that appeal to you on Pinterest, or use MYMOVE’s “Collect This Idea” option to collect design photos that inspire you, or simply take some interior design and styling magazines and cut out photographs that speak to you.

Step back and look at everything that you’ve collected after searching for and collecting innovative DIY interior design photos that inspire you- this should help you arrive at the story of your design style. You will be shocked to discover the final look that you have achieved after you’re done with your fair share of research and browsing.

 2. Color schemes– Use three shades/colours:
 Now that you have arrived at a DIY design style that you wish to call yours, it’s time for you to decide on a colour scheme. This may prove to be one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process. Colour is extremely personal, and it inspires us by creating feelings within us.

When it comes to redesigning your home’s interior design, use colours that appeal to you. Examine your inspiration boards to see which colours are prevalent in the rooms that you’ve bookmarked.

Though we won’t tell what colours you should use, we will advise you to choose a three-colour or shade combination. One key colour for the walls, another for larger elements like couches and chairs, and a third colour for smaller items like flowers, cushions, and knick-knacks. Keep in mind that the amount of light that you’ll bring into your home will have an impact on colour. Consider enhancing your interiors with floor-to-ceiling windows to bring out the essence of the colours as well!

Let’s assume you go with a brown, teal, and tangerine colour scheme. The wall colour would most likely be a shade of brown, teal for accent chairs/accent wall, and tangerine for cushions and accessories.

This three-colour formula works well on any blend. Just bear in mind that three colours are much better than one or two because a room with only one colour will undoubtedly be boring. Of course, an all-white room is possible, but only in three different shades of white.

3. Add texture to your home:
The texture is just as crucial as colour, especially if you want a single colour scheme like all-white or all-grey. The space may appear to have a single colour scheme at first glance, but closer inspection reveals shades within the same colour but there’s plenty of texture options available to you that you can include via linens and textiles.

An all-white space may include linen curtains, a plush velvet chair, silk cushions, wicker chairs, knitted baskets, and a nubby cotton sofa with a faux fur blanket flung on the side. All of these pieces create a warm, refined environment by adding texture and increasing the aesthetic appeal of the designated space.

Because design can express a person’s individuality, using textures, patterns, and a variety of colours may easily turn a drab space into a sophisticated one.

Consider the materials that are best suited to your way of life. If you have children or pets, a light cotton sofa may not be the best choice; instead, a darker leather or mohair sofa may be more appropriate. Consider high-end silk drapes and pillows if you want to be pampered.

Whatever your style, try to incorporate a lot of texture into your DIY interior design by using a variety of materials.

4. Add statement furniture:
Big statement furniture pieces can make your home look stunning. Many homeowners make the mistake of adding too much clutter i.e. small pieces in one room. A room with leggy chairs, tables, and many knick-knacks add clutter to the room, making it confusing.

Instead, you need to aim for a well-mixed space. A wide sofa, some skirted club chairs (to hide the legs), and a couple of slim armchairs with elegantly carved legs are ideal (depending on space). This is just one example, but it demonstrates how to mix furniture designs and sizes to create a balance that is neither too bulky nor too frail.

There are plenty of decorating ideas to explore even if you are decorating a small flat. Even the tiniest rooms should contain one huge statement piece, such as a large armoire or cabinet, according to most designers. A great house interior design requires a balance of major and small elements and this rule applies to accessories as well.

5. Use decorative bowls, trays and flowers:
Interior designers love to use trays, ornate bowls and baskets. Add a glittery gold tray to your coffee table, ottoman, or side table for a touch of flair. On top of the tray, place a designer candle, a couple of books, and a small jar (or bowl) of coloured stones. These small vistas may appear perky, yet they are essential towards achieving a layered and aesthetic style.

If you want to go for a more rustic look, use woven baskets in your home. Baskets are wonderful aesthetic pieces that may help conceal a lot of clutter. Make an effort to include these small nooks in your home.

Similarly, floral arrangements, live plants, with decorative vases can add a final touch to your home interior design. There are numerous indoor plants you can buy that will last a long time when they are lightly fed and watered.

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