How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Finding the best wardrobe within your budget that perfectly suits your home is a big task nowadays. The wardrobe is the most frequently used furniture in your bedroom and is the place where all your favourite hand-knitted sweaters, high-prized shoes, classic leather belts, long-sleeve shirts, work pants, shorts and all your different accessories are being safely stored. As a bedroom wardrobe is the most frequently used asset, you should consider your needs for a wardrobe before choosing one. Nowadays there are different types of wardrobes available. And other than that there are many latest wardrobe designs available based on the trending demand and customisation. If you are searching for the best wardrobe designs to suit your ideas and budget and if you wish to know all types of existing wardrobe styles, then please check out the article. Here we are listing the different types of wardrobe designs to help you decide the best wardrobe style.

1. Hinged Door Wardrobe:
A hinged door wardrobe is a conventional type wardrobe which most of the Indian families stick to, as it has been existing for ages. As the name suggests, a hinged door wardrobe has a shutter or door which is attached to the closet with strong hinges. In this wardrobe, its shutter can swing wide open outwardly thereby allowing the user to give a complete view of the closet. The benefit of having a hinged wardrobe is that it helps to spot things from their particular racks thereby leaving the wardrobe organised and neat. Moreover, this wardrobe helps you enjoy the benefit of hanging some slim accessories without messing them up with other accessories or shelves. Like for instance, sling bags, ties, scarves, and belts can be hung on the backside of its shutter when they are installed with hooks. As per your desires, you can install pockets, hangers, racks, and a chest of drawers inside the wardrobe to make different rooms inside the wardrobe for your different accessories. One drawback of this type of hinged door wardrobe is that it takes up your bedroom free space while swinging outwards and inwards to the room. This means that this type of wardrobe may not work for such bedrooms which are smaller in size.

2. Free-standing Wardrobe:
Free-standing wardrobes are the perfect choice for those who frequently change their wardrobe due to work transfers or because they simply like to travel to new places frequently. These wardrobes come with storage space on top as well, allowing some extra storage spaces to use the vertical space in your bedroom. The good thing about this type of wardrobe is you can choose a wardrobe of your desired colour and finish. That said, a free-standing wardrobe offers flexibility to customise the wardrobe as per your choice. If your bedroom cannot accommodate a large fitted wardrobe, then consider buying a free-standing one.

3. Sliding Door Wardrobe:
If asked, which type of wardrobe is best in terms of contemporary design, we would say a sliding door wardrobe is the best. This type of wardrobe has sliding doors which slide from side to side along with the metal tracks fixed at both the top and the bottom of the wardrobe. And this type of wardrobe is not reliant on hinges for holding its door. As this type of wardrobe doors slide horizontally, it will offer you the biggest advantage of saving space by not taking up room in front of them. A sliding wardrobe won’t hinder the traffic flow in the room. This type of wardrobe is one of the best choices for those who have small and confined spaces. And as this type of wardrobe is sliding by nature, it also looks equally appealing for large rooms that need a lengthy wardrobe as well. When considering the disadvantages, a sliding door wardrobe conceals one side of the wardrobe, thereby blocking the full view of the wardrobe

3. Walk-In Wardrobe:
This kind of wardrobe will take your bedroom to the next level as you can incorporate versatile shelving options and innovative storage solutions wherever you want. Hence you get more space, thereby allowing your accessories and other valuables to be stored freely. A walk-in wardrobe will provide you with sufficient space for storing all your dresses, accessories, shoes and jewellery as it contains more than enough storage options. As this type of wardrobe is very spacious, the accessories won’t get jammed together. You can easily sort out and organise your accessories more effectively. And it will be easier to locate anything you are looking for, without needing to dig and sift through a cluttered closet. If you have such a type of wardrobe, you will love to get ready every morning and it will happen in just a snap of a finger.

4. Customised wardrobe:
If your bedroom has nooks and crannies and if you want them to convert into a functional space, then for you the best option is to go with this type of customised wardrobe. As the name suggests, a customised wardrobe is exactly as per your requirement. You can even turn an unused corner of your bedroom into a highly workable space by utilizing it for your accessories and belongings. Being one of the customer-friendly wardrobe types, a customised wardrobe gives you the utmost satisfaction and happiness in terms of minute details, especially if you don’t want to compromise with the number of shelves inside it or its outer appearance. In other words, this type of wardrobe is the best-in-class wardrobe as it can be used for holding your dressing unit or TV unit in addition to just storing your accessories.

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