What is the Difference Between Modular and Semi-Modular Kitchen?

Though many people have heard about modular kitchens, a semi-modular kitchen is probably a new concept for some. ‘Modular Kitchen‘ is the term that is used by everyone regardless of the design. But both modular and semi-modular kitchens are different in their respective ways.

What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is something that can be completely dismantled and reassembled in a new home or apartment as and when you want. Every module in this type of kitchen is manufactured in a factory, and all that needs to be done on-site is assembly and installation.

Pros of a modular kitchen-

1. As modular kitchen pieces can be easily dismantled and reconstructed again, you can easily transport them whenever you have to relocate to a new place.

2. It saves a lot of installation time and work because everything is manufactured in the factory and all that needs to be done on-site is assembling and fixing.

3. If a particular unit requires maintenance, it can be done without disrupting the other units.

4. Processes like cleaning and upkeep becomes hassle-free with detachable pieces and fittings.

5. It is sleek and stylish and gives your kitchen a contemporary look and feel.

6. A versatile piece that is available in a variety of sizes, colours, and finishes that you can choose from.

7. As all the products are machine-made with good edge-banding, your kitchen will have a great finish.

8. Modular kitchens have clear, distinct spaces for everything which allows for greater storage and improved workflow.

9. In a modular kitchen design, kitchen essentials can be well-organised, resulting in a stress-free cooking experience.

Cons of a modular kitchen-

1. A quality modular kitchen comes at a high price.

2. Expect frequent repairs (in case of rough handling), unless, of course, you use high-quality accessories and systems.

What is a semi-modular Kitchen?

A semi-modular kitchen is designed around a civil structure already fixed in place. A number of its components, such as the countertop and sink, have already been erected on-site by civil construction professionals and cannot be removed or relocated. A semi-modular kitchen is a combination of a fully modular kitchen and a civil kitchen (or carpenter-made kitchen).

Pros of a semi-modular kitchen-

A semi-modular kitchen is cheaper than a modular kitchen and falls within the budget.

Cons of a semi-modular kitchen-

1. Not all the units are machine-made, unlike with the Modular Kitchen. When it comes to a Semi-Modular Kitchen, quality and finish can be an issue.

2. There are limited design options and personalisation available with this type of kitchen.

3. You’ll have to leave cabinets behind if you move because they can’t be dismantled.

4. In many cases, the sides of each cabinet are shared with the cabinets on either side. As a result, repairing or resolving issues for a single unit can be difficult.

5. Due to the lack of access to every area of your kitchen, unlike a modular kitchen, space usage may be a cause of worry.

6. After civil work, several accessories that come in standard sizes may not fit in the space available at your home.

7. As the civil construction has already been done by the builder, installation can not only be time-consuming but can prove to be a strenuous task as well.

When should you go for a semi-modular kitchen?

Here are a few reasons why a semi-modular kitchen could be the best option for you:

1. You already have a countertop and a sink from your builder, or you want to keep your current counter/sink/tiles in your kitchen. To put it another way, you don’t want to make any civil changes.

2. You have an irregularly shaped kitchen and hence, modular cabinets will prove challenging to install.

3. You don’t want your kitchen to be made of plywood. Instead, you want something more long-lasting, such as aluminium.

4. You want to make sure that every inch of the available space is being utilised. This may not be possible with modular kitchens because they come in preset dimensions. Semi-modular kitchens, on the other hand, allow you to customize the cabinet proportions to your liking.

5. Also, if you don’t want to mess with the pillars or columns in the lower portion of your kitchen then you should opt for a semi-modular variant.

Semi-modular kitchen Vs modular kitchen: (A quick comparison) –

Modular Kitchen

Semi-Modular Kitchen

Is 100% movable

Cannot be moved

No civil work or carpentry work involved

Civil work involved

High design versatility

Limited designs

Easy to assemble and dismantle

Cannot be dismantled

Is expensive

Is cheap

Easy to install

Hard to install

Easy to clean and maintain

Slightly difficult to maintain

Many options to customize

Difficult to customize

Is more stylish and sophisticated

Not up to the mark as Modular Kitchen

Which is the best: Semi-modular kitchen Vs Modular kitchen?

If your kitchen space is empty, then you can go for a fully modular kitchen. However, if there is an existing pre-built countertop or cemented structure, then a semi-modular kitchen will be the best option for you. If your requirements go beyond the size and construction of your kitchen space, you can make use of the table below to help you make the best decision.


Best Choice

Cleaning and Maintenance

Modular Kitchen

Aesthetic appeal and sophistication

Modular Kitchen


Semi-Modular Kitchen

Customized options

Modular Kitchen

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