How Do I Make a Small Living Room Look Beautiful and Attractive?

One of the most frequently faced problems by small-spaced homeowners is that their living room doesn’t look that welcoming or attractive. If your living room is small and stuffed with décor items, it may look cluttered and boring making you want to spend less time in it. But what if you are told that you can change the styling of your sitting room with some crazy small living room designs? Wouldn’t you dare to try? If yes, then this article is all about knowing the best small living room ideas to give a makeover to your existing living room.

Concept of small living room ideas– Does it exist?

Small living room ideas are considered an integral part of interior designing, which is most often on-demand all-time. Having a smart small living room makeover ensures that no space is wasted and is utilised with the best décor designs that match the overall theme of the room.

To start with, you can choose seating with legs visible, so that more of the floor can be seen, making the room appear bigger. This implies choosing classic-style sofas and armchairs that have a wooden finish. If there is little room for a side table next to your sofa, you can place a narrow console behind a sofa to serve as a display shelf or fill bay windows with built-in storage.

1. Let smart lighting steal the show:
Lighting is one of the crucial aspects of any interior design. If you are facing problems with the lighting of your small living room design, choose wall lighting that can be hung from above to save room or floor space. A swing arm sconce can also work wonders on your living room by bringing in ideal light to the room and creating an ambient modern small living room design.

2. A sliding door for privacy and separation:
If you don’t have an issue with privacy, then this tip won’t be a concern. But instead, if your apartment has an open bedroom from the living room, then you can try installing a sliding barn door to enhance privacy. If that wouldn’t be practical, then consider placing a smaller sofa and one armchair to create that chic look.

3. Choose light colours for the walls:
A small living room can become a problem if it has dark wall colours and paints. Dark colours are a plus if you have a spacious room and minimalistic furniture. But light colours in small rooms can work wonders to keep the room airy, soft, and open. Moreover, choosing a light colour theme can also bring in an ample amount of natural light sources. Go for pastel hues like white, cream, grey, or subtle green. Before choosing one, you can test a sample in the space to ensure that you are comfortable with the colour scheme.

4. Choose a bold and large rug:
This trick can help in making your small room look large and spacious. One statement piece can help bring the room together. Corner seating can also help you to get additional space. Instead of having so many small décor pieces of furniture, it is ideal to have one around which you can design the rest of the room.

5. Take advantage of high ceilings:
A small room lacks space only on the surface. You can take advantage of the vertical space by accessorising with tall curtains and windows. On top of it, having a show-stopping wallpaper can add a statement to your room. Also, long curtains can add airiness and the illusion of height to a small room. Make sure you choose a basic curtain design using extra fabric for fullness.

6. Go for wall-framed shelves:
Since there is limited space in the living room, try not to add extra shelves and racks as showpieces. Instead, you should renovate your room with built-in shelves or a storage zone. For a modern small living room look, you can try installing sleek, modern wall shelves to keep a stack of your books or showpieces.

7. Add a feature wall in a dark colour:
Make use of the vertical space by accentuating a feature wall painted with dark colour. Why? Because such a design can become attractive when it is placed next to the contrast of light wall paint. Adding a statement piece as a focal point invites more elegance and class to the space.

8. Take advantage of your balcony if provided:
Not everyone is lucky to have a living room with an outdoor facing balcony. If you have one, then no matter what the size is, embrace the feeling of having extra space. Have a full sliding door that brings in plenty of natural light sources. You can also accessorise this area by giving an armchair, a small snuggler, or a bean bag and indoor plant to get that cosy, rich feel.

9. Mirrors for enhanced vision:
Though this seems to be an old trick. it’s still one of the proven and most used tips by many of the small-spaced interior designers. The mirror will create an illusion of space by reflecting light. Also, when fixing a mirror, make sure to have light wall paint to keep the room airy and spacious.

10. Have a wall-mounted TV:
This is one of the best small living room ideas for you to try. Why? Because a TV stand can cover up major space of your living room, along with its accessories. Secure your modern smart TV to the wall or to a frame designed for TV so that you can save some space to make it look larger and better.

Adding to the above, invest in multi-functional furniture so that you can use it as a décor piece as well as a functional item. That being said, all this is possible, if you have a creative and professional interior designer to help you find ease with your makeover works. Würfel is an exclusive brand that specialises in customised European modular kitchens and wardrobes. You will get a 10-year warranty period to help ensure amazing after-sales service in addition to periodical service of products. If you are looking for a premium makeover living room design, then come visit the nearest Würfel studio and get inspired by hundreds of designs available.