How Do I Choose an Interior Design Style?

When it comes to designing your dream home, do you feel like you have lots of ideas, but don’t know where to begin and what to focus on? Are you loaded with tons of interior design styles that have put you in a state of confusion? Or do you feel awestruck by the contemporary modern interior design ideas that you’ve seen in a magazine or in a lifestyle blog recently? Then here’s the good news. If you learn how to choose an interior design style, it can be surprisingly easy to decorate your home without having to put in too much effort. Cultivating your preferred décor style is a gradual process. But it’s worth waiting to find your perfect interior design solutions before you start spending your money.

Once you know to choose a design style that exactly matches your likes and personality, it allows you to decorate your home with attitude, boldness and confidence. No more wasting of money on outdated styles to end up making the common interior design mistakes. Read further to know how this can be tackled.

1. Start from your closet:
Admit it, you always have some favourite dresses of certain shades, because of which you like to wear them very often and look confident. Relating to it, take a look around at your favourite clothing, bags and accessories and notice what colours, fabrics, and patterns you like most. There is nothing wrong or right in taking a sneak peek into this, but looking at your fashion tendencies will help you identify your personal interior design style. This helps you in choosing your desired interior style that offers both ease and comfort.

2. Create your style vignette:
Interior design ideas can come from the least expected or the most surprising places and things. Often the little things matter more and adding such details can make your room look engaging and vibrant. So the next thing you can try is to walk around your home, go through your décor closet and gather anything that captures your attention and love for it. Some people like gardening very much and if you have noticed you would know that they keep a lot of indoor plants as part of their home décor. Bringing those things together in one area of your home will help you create your style vignette that would not only be unique but will also be a class apart. For a garden lover, his plants and indoor gardening are what brings him joy. Choose things that remind you of the good times, and create an overall vibe, tone, and colour scheme that you want to have in your home.

3. Getting some inspiration:
Today, we are blessed to live in a world where everything is accessible at the point of our fingertips. From browsing some of the best interior design styles on Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media platforms, you can get some of the cool and classic interior design styles, at the most affordable rates. From recycling old plastic ideas to reusing your old showpiece items, there are a lot of inspiring ideas that you can browse through. Maybe a movie or a magazine would do the job. It’s also good to go through an interior design décor catalogue or magazine as they will provide a list of professional interior designers so that you can choose your inspired design and the designer behind it.

4. Create a virtual mood board:
The whole process of choosing your interior design style depends on a set of objects and things you have in and around your home. As you have already created your style vignette and you have gone through the colour palettes of dresses in your wardrobe, you would now like to create a folder or some sort of virtual mood design board on your phone, so that you can easily compare them with other prevailing designs in the same colour tone or theme. Just taking screenshots of spaces you love, can help you in getting a better clarity of how to enhance the look and design of your home décor style. Also, it helps you to refer to a certain colour scheme, furniture, artwork, rug, or showpiece that are similar to the ones that you have already decided on. So the next time you visit an antique shop or gift shop, it would be easy for you to pick the right décor without much confusion. You can also check for some amazing deals at online e-commerce stores.

5. Switch between your likes:
Remember when it comes to expressing your unique style of interior design, it is okay to change from your previous selection. No design is right or wrong. So until you land on a look that feels right for you, keep exploring and experimenting.

6. Trial and error will help you choose an apt design:
As much as you keep discovering new sources of inspiration, your style will likely evolve with time and you will eventually finalise on the one that is closely connected with you.

In short, customising your interior design solutions is purely personal and depends on how you like your interior space to be. From choosing a design style to choosing the apt interior designers, every step of the decision requires your personal touch and involvement. So make sure that the style you like can be easily installed and designed if you have a professional interior designer in hand. And if that is what you are looking for, then we at Würfel have a lot to offer. Würfel – a brand known for its award-winning modular kitchen designs, has hands-on experience in defining contemporary beauty in every Indian household, by closely analysing what their clients have to say and what they prefer. At Würfel, we believe the customer is always right and that’s why we choose to offer customization for clients as per their financial needs and style requirements. Get in touch with Würfel’s customer support at 1800 3000 2926 or visit to get your dream home interior style designs done at the best price.