Seven Quirky Interior Design Ideas That Match Your Quirky Personality

A home of your own is a dream come true for everyone. Years of savings and planning is what makes your dream home take shape. Each corner of the house is designed as per your plan. So, does the interior design reveal your personality? Well, these 7 quirky interior designs are set to match their respective personalities. Have a look.

1. A Contemporary Look With Greys:
The term contemporary home designs have been quite popular these days due to the minimalistic and modern ambiance it provides. The contemporary design style is extremely refined and ensures easy functionality. With less use of furniture and showpieces, these interior designs are more in demand by the new generation. For a contemporary style, grey, beige and light pastel shades are commonly used. 
Personality Traits:
If you love to keep things minimal, organized, and make your place look spacious, then this contemporary style is for you. Because you are a person who loves to live in the trend and stay updated!

2. Vintage Interior Design Looks with Royal Colors :
No matter which generation you belong to, vintage-style designs are evergreen and never go out of trend. A vintage interior design is characterized by curvy furniture to take you back to the historical period. Dark blues, dark reds and greens, and royal cream colors are some of the prominently used vintage hues. 

Personality Traits:
There is always this small percentage of people who love to live in the royal times, love to cherish the golden era, and love to add royal elegance to their rooms. These characteristics indicate highly complex and motivated perfectionists. 

3. Neutral Interior Design with Neutral Hues:
These designs are for those who love to add both contemporary and bright tones to their home interiors. Simplicity, functionality, and minimalism are what set the neutral tones best. This style comes with fewer furnishings which are clean and classy and provide ample space for natural light into the room. Neutral tones include white, ash/grey, crisp blues which are paired with contrast or matching furnishings, wall decors and interiors. 

Personality Traits:
People who prefer such quirky interior designs on neutral tones, are likely to be social, friendly, and interested in gatherings, mixed cultures, and they could be explorers. They are easily loved and attracted by many people in the group. 

Final Words:

These are just some of the basic classifications in the design book. If you love to explore the whole list of quirky interior designs that reveal your personality traits, you can consult our award-winning interior designers for more details. We have a list of classic, trendy, new, and unique interior design solutions that cater to each space and design requirement. From flawless wardrobes to modular kitchen cabinets, Wurfel has everything that you are looking for in your home design makeover ideas.