Amazing Home Decor Items to Style Your Room

A home is an extension of our personal style. So when we have to redesign our home it gets pretty difficult to narrow down our options on the current global trends. To make it easy on your nerves you can always start by selecting some unique home decor items that include lamps, dining chairs, tea table, bookshelf or wall decor.  If you want to decorate your room you don’t always have to go for expensive home decor items. We have elements that we use every day. And with a little more effort and imagination we can use those elements to do wonders to our room.

  1. Bookshelf – Even though we live in an age surrounded by gadgets and hi-tech devices, no technology can take away the rejuvenating feeling of the smell of books. You can showcase your favourite volume of books on a well-designed bookshelf. It will inspire elegance and class in your room. You can have a bookshelf in your bedroom to bring out a new accent or style. It can also be a big part of your living room decor. For a change try experimenting with sculptures and vases to make your bookshelf dig a little deeper.
  1. Throw pillows – Throw pillows are one of the most versatile home decor items. You can use it for your living room decor or your dining room or your bedroom decor. It is the best way to turn a house into a home. Even though throw pillows are comfortable they are not fluffy. So we can put them on sofas, benches, bedrooms and hallways. It packs a ton of punch and gives a laid back yet edgy vibe to the room. 


  1. Stools – When it comes to home decor items stools are one of the most common items which have a tremendous capacity to make a difference if used intelligently. You can use it to put up your decorative rare plant or place your antique vase. You can also sit on it or keep your magazines, coffee cup, laptop etc. You can look out for unique looking amazing stools at that makes your room more cosy and colourful.
  1. Canopy – If you can’t afford to buy a new bed you can always give your bed a romantic makeover. Canopy has existed for centuries. It is what you need to make your bedroom stand out and look breathtaking. The bed curtain that comes down gives a fairytale effect. This has the potential to take you back to the Victorian era. The old fashioned canopy is somehow refreshing and can add layers & characters to your bedroom.
  1. Wall art – Wall art is one of the most important home decor items. It provides a background to your room and also creates a focal point. Every room needs a singular design or an element that holds the space together and gives the viewer a summation of what to expect. Wall decor makes the room appear finished and adds colour and texture to space.

  1. Floor lamp – Floor lamps are not only used to light up space but it is one of the most stylish elements to design and create a visual focal point. It can create drama depending on the type of light shade you choose. If you choose silk shade it can diffuse light but if you use a metal shade it can concentrate the light on a specific area and moment. If you use uplights it will bounce light off the ceiling. So choose your floor lamps accordingly.

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