Unique Dining Table Ideas for Your Living Room

Most home owners face the same dilemma today, the issue of space. Space constraint has been an age-old concern and home owners have found new ways of battling this. Many homes today, have a slightly large room to use both as a living room as well as dining room. The area between the two are often demarcated with the help of either a room partition, the sofa of the living room or even a rug! But it all boils down to the fact that when you have guests over, they are bound to see your dining room. Here are some interesting dining table ideas for your living room/dining room.

Minimalist glass dining table: Less is more!
Considering there is already a space crunch, a minimalist glass dining table is the ideal dining table set you can go for in your home. It makes your dining room space look clutter free and more spacious. There’s nothing like a glass dining table to give your dining room a modern touch! Today most glass dining tables come with tempered glass, that makes them scratch and heat resistant and extremely durable. These dining tables are easy to clean and look sophisticated especially when paired with elegant dining table legs. These dining tables can come in different shapes as well. There are round dining tables, rectangular dining tables and even square ones! This gives you the liberty to choose the size and shape that would fit in your dining room space.

Marble dining table: Royal rumble! 
The marble dining table is often associated with aristocracy, so owning a marble dining table instantly converts a dining space into one that oozes class and elegance. These tables are extremely sturdy and gives your dining space a modern and contemporary touch. They complement any home décor style and never go out of style! In terms of beauty, nothing compares to a marble dining table!

Extendable dining table: Play it smart!
Don’t have too much space in your dining room cum living room to entertain guests at a dinner party? The extendable dining table is just what you are looking for! Extendable dining tables are a great way to save space and provide enough seating space for guests when you have a party. They can come in a four-seater size and be extended to seat up to six to eight people. Once your guests have left, you can fold them back into their original size and have more than enough space to move around. This versatile piece of furniture is a life saver today!

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