Living Room Console Dining Table Ideas

Ever wondered what exactly a console table is? Think of it as a dining table gone on a diet! The console table is a very versatile piece of furniture that can be placed in any part of your home and still be functional. In case you get bored of it in one room, you can always shift it to another room, they don’t take too much space and are not too heavy to move around. However, most people like to place them in either their living room or dining room as they tend to be the most useful in these two rooms. Before buying a console table, it is important to see if it suits your home décor style and meets your storage requirements. Some home owners have console tables purely for decorative purposes. It’s easy to keep putting things like loose change, keys etc. on the console table without even realizing it, you’ll have a very cluttered space.

Hallway console table: Homely yet classy!

Console tables that are placed in the hallway or entryway of a living room are the ideal place to make it a decorative piece as well as a functional piece. A hallway console table with drawers serves as the perfect catch-all at the entrance of your home. Imagine walking in after a tiring day of work, with a handful of grocery shopping, your briefcase/laptop bag, keys etc. as soon as you get the door open, your first instinct is to drop everything on the nearest surface. A console table with a little wicker basket to hold your keys and drawers to place your wallet or masks in, making for the perfect storage space. But what about when you’re leaving your home? We all want that quick look at ourselves to make sure your make-up is on point and hair is in place before heading out. The wall space above the hallway console table is the perfect spot to add a mirror, it not only adds tons of style to your home décor but maintains its functionality. Mirrors also help make your living room feel more spacious and airy. You can even decorate these console tables to add to their beauty. Flowers never get old! A vase full of fresh or dry flowers never fails to make a statement.

Wooden console tables: Keeping it real!

Wooden console tables are timeless and blend in with most home décor styles. They come in a variety of sizes, short, tall, medium etc. and are a good storage solution as well. If the wooden console table doesn’t have drawers or storage, you can always have a stool or an ottoman tucked in beneath it. If they do come with storage, the ideal spot to place them would be the dining area. Console tables kept in the dining room are also called buffet tables. As the name suggests, the buffet tables allow you to place dishes on the surface of the table if you don’t have enough space on the dining table and can be elegantly decorated with either photo frames, candle stands or a fruit basket. The buffet tables come with extensive storage space to safe keep all the cutlery and fancy china that you tend to take out only during special occasions. These tables also can be converted into your own little bar counter. They are great especially when you’re entertaining guests.

Glass console tables: Pretty little thing!

Glass tables are petite and great for homes that don’t have too much space. These console tables don’t make the room feel too cramped and are extremely trendy. They come with metal stands that can be plated into gold, rose gold, silver and the like. These console tables do well especially in the entryway of your home and have been gaining a lot of popularity these days.

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