Wall Mirrors to Decorate Your Homes

Most people still believe that wall mirrors are only meant to see one’s own reflection. But frankly, a mirror is much more than that! Wall mirrors make for excellent decoration ideas, the possibilities are endless. These days, decorating the walls of your home have become a necessity. Through careful planning and placement of wall mirrors, your home can transform into one that exudes style and elegance. Mirrors have the magical ability to add life and a touch of sparkle to any home! One of the main functions of a hanging mirror is to bounce natural or artificial light and make the room appear brighter. Wall mirrors can also help you hide imperfections in your home like discolouration of paint or even peeling.

Wall mirrors don’t have to be limited to square or rectangular shapes. Decorative mirrors are a great way to liven up your home. They help embellish your wall with a touch of glamour, moreover, they create an illusion of space. If you can’t find the painting or mural to hang on a wall in a bedroom, use a wall mirror with an intricately carved frame to change the look of the room. A wall mirror can be used in the dining room, living room or even above a console table. When it is difficult to find the perfect accent piece, you can use wall mirrors of different sizes and shapes to create an artistic feature that is eye-catching. You can give a new look to your entryway by putting a large wall mirror on it. It is elusive in nature and gives a spacious look to your room.

Long full-length decorative mirrors leaned against a wall is a popular trend these days. You can even put a bench or an old chest, that can serve as an accent piece to make the mirror more functional. Most homes have an entryway, which is a part of the home that you pass by last before leaving for a night out or on a normal workday. A wall mirror placed in the entryway is the perfect opportunity for you to have one last look at yourself before heading out of the house. These wall mirrors can be both functional as well as an accent piece as they can fill up the empty wall.

Living rooms is an area that is the most often used especially when you have guests over. Hence, it is important that your living room has a decorative piece that will anchor your home décor. What better way than to add a circular decorative wall mirror? These wall mirrors are known to boost the overall atmosphere of your living room! You can also have decorative mirrors placed in your dining room. This works fabulously in smaller places as they tend to open up the space more and creates an illusion of depth. A horizontal wall mirror is ideal to be placed on top of a console.

Wall mirrors come in various ways. Most homes have a symmetrical arrangement of home décor, this tends to get monotonous and boring. Asymmetric wall mirrors add visual interest and good tool when you want to bring attention to a particular design element in a room. Another new trend that has been fast catching up is, the use of two identical wall mirrors on the same wall. This can be placed on top of a console or even behind a sofa. This wall mirror decoration is bound to create visual interest in your home! Hanging mirrors is another way to create a contemporary stylish look in your home. Hanging mirrors add more light to your living room without having to install an artificial light source. To make your hanging mirror stand out more vividly, place them on a wall that is contrasting as compared to the other walls. As we know mirrors reflect light, so the wall needs to be a darker tone to achieve the look of contrast.

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