Tips on Designing That Elegant Modular Kitchen

The kitchen is considered to be the heart and soul of a home and is a strong entity in any household. Having such an important role, one must go to great lengths to ensure while designing a modular kitchen, that it is both aesthetically appealing and functional. In today’s day and age, with shrinking home spaces, the modular kitchen has become a basic necessity. A small modular kitchen design is guaranteed to be the best solution when you’re looking to organise your kitchen efficiently. If your kitchen is organised well, then cooking becomes an easier and more enjoyable experience. The reason most homeowners opt for modular kitchen design is because of how customisable they are. It is important that you design your modular kitchen to suit your style and best suit your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while designing the ideal modular kitchen.

1. Space: Make sure it fits like a glove!
For small modular kitchen designs, it is vital to make the maximum use of the space that’s available. Modular kitchens come with a lot of accessories to meet the homeowner’s requirements, hence it is important to plan according to the space you have. The work triangle is an important principle to follow when designing your kitchen. The work triangle is made up of three elements, the hob, kitchen sink and the refrigerator. The idea is that when these three elements are close (but not too close) to one other, the kitchen will be easy and efficient to use, cutting down on unnecessary steps. There are different layouts to choose from when it comes to kitchen designs. Some of them are galley, L-shape, U-shape, island and peninsula. So, it’s critical that you choose the layout that best suits your kitchen floor plan.

2. Material: But first, quality!
Choosing the right material for your modular kitchen is extremely critical. The material can play an important role in the durability of your kitchen. A modular kitchen is a product that requires you to get a touch and feel of it before choosing it. Every brand would ideally have a showroom where you would be able to have the products explained to you. The quality of the products in the showroom speaks loudly about the brand. We should choose materials that have low maintenance requirements but high durability. These days we have a wide range of materials to choose from that can make our kitchen look spectacular, like lacquer, matt, laminate etc.

3. Storage: Never run out of space!
It is important that your modular kitchen does not lack storage space. For a kitchen to look elegant, it is vital that there is a designated space for everything from utensils, appliances, cutlery etc. If they all have a place to be neatly tucked in, the less clutter that is likely to form. Sectional drawers are one of the latest trends in today’s market. They beautifully organise the kitchen and look effortlessly grand while doing so. Anything from knives to spice pots can be stored in these drawers! Kitchen cabinets can go as high as a wall these days. Especially in a small kitchen design, tall units can prove to be extremely useful, making use of the vertical space efficiently.

4. Lighting: Let it shine bright!
Another key component for an elegant and beautiful kitchen design is the lighting in the kitchen. It is the most practical way of setting a lively ambience in a small kitchen design. Lighting adds functionality and beauty to a kitchen in general. In a small kitchen design, the best kind of lighting you can use is ceiling lights that illuminate the entire area. Pendant lights and task lighting are ornamental lights that can be used to highlight particular areas. Natural light is also a great way to enhance your kitchens’ beauty. It is important that you have ample light in the kitchen as it is a space where you prepare a meal and it can often collect grime and dust.

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