Top TV Stand Design Ideas for Your Living Room

Many of us love to watch our favourite tv shows at the end of the day from the comfort of a great sofa to lounge on. Installing a tv stand  in your living room or a bedroom can also do wonders to your home decor. A TV stand today is not just a mere piece of wood that holds your TV, it’s much more than that. A place for you to make an entire home theatre, a place for you to keep your favourite books and lots more. If you want to decorate your room with a tv stand, then think again, replace it with a TV console unit because this can make a very strong fashion statement. You can get plenty of tv unit design ideas online to choose from. 

A TV console unit is still sometimes called a TV stand and if you want one firstly, pick a wall, the one that gives you an easy view. Design a frame or a panel that suits the wall colour. Install your television at your eye height. There are many ways to add character to the tv stand. You can use laminate, or even lacquer for a grander look. You can use contrasting colours and fine lines to make it look elegant. If you want to play outside the box then let the lines of the panel continue till the ceiling. It will catch the eye immediately and create a beautiful modern look.

The TV console unit, however, is not just for your TV. Think about all the different accessories that you have. Your TV console unit should be able to hold all your accessories and gadgets to be a complete entertainment centre. If you have a Playstation or an Xbox, and a home theatre system to enhance your gaming or movie experience, your TV unit should have a place for them too. Adding some indoor plants, books, lamps with soft lighting will also enhance the look of your TV unit, so consider all of that before deciding which one to purchase.

Your TV console unit can also double up as a storage unit if you plan judiciously. All of us have possessions that need to be stored somewhere. We buy beds with storage areas, sofas with storage space, then why not do the same with a TV unit? There are some things like your speakers, books, modems etc. that need to be visible, but covered up boxes under the main TV unit can provide ample space to keep things that you don’t use on a day to day basis. This will help you declutter your living room and make it look cleaner.

When it comes to TV unit designs, there are endless possibilities. Everyone has their own unique taste and needs. So think about what you would want from your TV unit and get creative. You just might come up with something totally new! And if you don’t have the time, then leave it to the professionals. Our team at Wurfel will be more than happy to create just what you need.