Advantages of a Customised Modular Kitchen

Gone are those days when there were separate rooms for cooking and dining. Today, influenced by European interiors and living, the kitchen space has been enlarged and used as a single room for both cooking and dining. However, people faced troubles when the popular models failed to fit in perfectly in their space, because of which clients recognized the need for customized interior modular kitchens. But before we dig in, let’s have a look into what exactly is meant by modular kitchen designs and how they fit in Indian households. 

What is a modular kitchen?

A modular kitchen is nothing, but a modern kitchen interior design that is constructed with different modules. These modules consist of a base unit, wall unit, and tower unit to give an entirely grand look to your kitchen. A modular kitchen comes with cabinets of selected elements in standard sizes, designed to maximize utility and is also space-efficient. That’s why modular kitchens have won the hearts of many small-spaced homeowners.

From having a predefined kitchen with modules to having a fully customized modular kitchen interior, things have changed and it could all be possible because of the sheer advancement in technology. Also, today we have several well-known interior design firms who provide you with customized kitchen cabinets that fit your requirements. In short, you get a hassle-free installation of contemporary style kitchen interiors done at your doorstep. You can simply sit back and relax, while they prepare the design and suggest modifications or alterations to you, if and when required.

What are the advantages of a modular kitchen design?

As mentioned earlier, the modular interiors for your kitchen can be customized as per your space and based on your personal kitchen requirements. These trending kitchen interiors help in easing out the troubles caused during the process of getting access to utilities in the case of a conventional non-modular kitchen. So if you are a new homeowner, or someone looking to renovate your home by giving a good makeover, then here’s a list of benefits you get upon deciding to install a customized modular kitchen:

1. Offers high storage capacity as per your needs:
One of the key advantages of the modular interiors in the kitchen is that they offer maximum storage capacity by utilizing every unused space and all the extra nooks and corners of your kitchen space. You can increase or decrease the number of kitchen modules based on your personal convenience. Generally, a modular kitchen cabinet will have upper cabinets (wall units) and lower cabinets (base units) to enhance comfort and offer convenience. Such a division is provided so that you can store large and heavy items in the lower cabinets and the most frequently used items in the upper cabinets.

2. Add facilities as per your kitchen theme:
Maybe you might have already designed a kitchen theme with particular wall paint and accessories. A customized modular kitchen selection comes next, where you can select the one that matches the home appliances and boosts the aesthetic elegance of your space. The benefit of opting for a custom-made modular kitchen is that you can match the interiors with your existing refrigerator, plates and cups, cutlery, and containers to perfectly sync in terms of both the colours and the theme of the kitchen. An expert team of interior designers with hands-on experience in the modular kitchen industry can help you in choosing the best design.

3. Ensures that the whole space is utilized without leaving any unused space:
Today, even for an apartment having an 800-1200 sq ft area, you need to spend a lot on its interior work. Considering the space limit in today’s world, everyone looks for a home that has spacious rooms and ease of movement between each room. This has been the need of the hour, especially in urban areas. Customized modular kitchen designs are designed considering various aspects, the area measurements and floor plan, etc. Therefore an expert interior designer will make use of even a small and narrow area to shape it into a well-equipped and fully functional modern kitchen.

4. Create a modern kitchen within your budget:
There has been a rumour that installing a modular kitchen empties your pocket more than installing a carpenter-made one. But the fact is, you spend an equal amount of money on both. How? The answer lies in the fact that a carpenter takes a month to design the cabinets and accessories as per your requirement. While a modular kitchen takes a few days to get delivered and installed. Moreover, installing a modular kitchen for your new home is a one-time investment, and if you spend it wisely on a customized modular kitchen, then you don’t have to look for large time frames, as these come in high-quality finishes, ensuring durability.

5. Unmatched look in your favourite colour combinations:
We all love to experiment with colours when it comes to painting your home or choosing a wall colour. The same goes for the kitchen as well, a place where the whole family gathers to dine and share the best memories. Unlike built-in modular kitchens, a custom-made modular kitchen offers the option for a homeowner to choose their favourite colour, opt for a definite theme and consider different layouts. Some might be interested in having a white and red kitchen layout, while there might be a few others who are interested in having neutral shades in their kitchen space. Whatever be your colour choice, talk with your modular kitchen designers to get your hands on your dream modular kitchen colour combination from the comfort of your home.

Accept it or not, if you prefer the modular kitchen design over carpenter-made wooden finishes, you’d know how sleek and elegant these modern interior designs look and how they can transform the whole ambience of your home. Würfel is a brand that keeps a continual check on the latest modern modular kitchen design trends and creates stylish kitchens. Würfel was also awarded the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ by Times Business award for four consecutive years, namely 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and also ‘The Most Innovative Kitchen’ by India Kitchen Congress in 2019 and 2020. It is now recognised as India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand with 40 showrooms across the nation. Visit a Würfel studio near you to catch a glimpse of the latest modern modular kitchen designs and own your dream kitchen soon.