Modular Vs Carpenter Made Kitchens: Pros and Cons

It’s at the kitchen where the whole family gathers together to share their happiness, sorrow, love, and meals every day. The aroma and goodness of the food can change your mood and create a positive space instantly and that’s why it’s important to create an ambience for the kitchen to bring in that excitement and freshness without losing the energy. However, selecting a kitchen interior takes a lot of time as there are so many options available today. From carpenter-made kitchen cabinets to modular kitchens, the designs are endless. When you see a new home with a sleek modular kitchen design, you probably doubt whether you can get it installed as a replacement for your traditional carpenter-made kitchen.

There was a time when these carpenter-made kitchen cabinets were in high demand, but today the game has completely changed. Here’s how a carpenter-made kitchen differs from a modular variant-

modular kitchen is becoming the iconic face of today’s modern kitchen industry because of its look, design, and finish. Moreover, all components of a modular kitchen design can be easily disassembled and then reassembled at a new location in case you wish to shift from one place to another. However, like everything has dual sides, a modular kitchen also comes with certain pros and cons, which you need to know before making a final decision.


1. You get the perfect finish:
If modular kitchens have won the hearts of many, it is because their exceptional beauty and finish are high on the scoreboard. When you pick a modular kitchen design, you are certainly inviting beauty and elegance into the interiors of your home with the finest details.

2. You get a tailor-made kitchen design:
Modular kitchens allow you to get your cooking space designed as per the space available, ensuring optimum utilization of the space, making it look both spacious and luxurious. For instance, if you have trouble with your knees and you find it difficult to use the lower cabinets, you can choose to have all the storage on the upper side of the kitchen.

3. You get in different shapes, sizes, and colours:
Whether you have a small-spaced kitchen or a spacious one, the base and the wall units of a modular kitchen are available in all shapes, sizes, and colours, to meet the existing aesthetics and theme of your bedroom. With availability in all shapes and colours, your kitchen won’t feel like a mess with limited space as modular kitchen solutions are experts in space-saving.

4. Easy to install and uninstall:
As stated earlier, one of the major highlights of a modular kitchen design vs a traditional one is that a modular kitchen can be easily assembled and dismantled when required. This becomes ideally beneficial for people who need to often shift from one place to another.

5. Provides neat and sleek kitchen ambience:
As we have seen in all catalogues and reference images, a modular kitchen, being factory-made, ensures a fuss-free and clean installation, giving that contemporary luxury look to your kitchen.

6. Provision for organized storage:
Whether you have too many bottles to store, or you have cutleries to manage, a modular kitchen has a provision for organized storage with the installation of modular kitchen accessories. Using sophisticated technologies and designs, a modular kitchen comes with customized kitchen accessories which include bottle racks, corner carousel, cutlery organizers, etc. to make use of every unused space in your kitchen.

7. You get durable kitchen cabinets and countertops:
Unlike the traditional carpenter-made kitchen, a modular kitchen has a dedicated space for everything. So it saves you a lot of space and gives a clean and organised look. Moreover, these durable European modular kitchen solutions are termite-resistant, making them highly durable and long-lasting.


1. Expensive:
One of the facts about these modular kitchens is that they are more expensive than carpenter-made ones. Quality always comes at a price, and modular kitchens are designed using the finest materials, which might leave a hole in your pocket. But because modular kitchens come in different budgets, you can choose your design accordingly.

2. Require maintenance:
To keep your kitchen looking sleek every day, you need to maintain your kitchen on a timely basis, especially with regard to its surface and finish. This also includes requiring an experienced modular kitchen professional/ designer to fix any damages or things, so you might not be able to take the help of a local carpenter.

3. Flexibility can be a limitation as well:
As mentioned above, modular kitchens can be easily dismantled and they can also be carried along while shifting, but there are chances that your new kitchen might not be the same as the old one, to enjoy both spacing and design.

Carpenter made kitchens-


1. Easy to install:
As you get the help of local carpenters easily, it would take a few days to install a carpenter-made kitchen solution based on the homeowner’s requirements.

2. Customization available:
Since the carpenters work in front of you, you can easily ask for customization or alterations.

3. Budget-friendly:
though not the same in all cases, a carpenter-made kitchen solution can be in and around your budget, as you can negotiate the price with your local carpenter.


1. Installation and process would be messy:
It would take a minimum of a month to get a carpenter-made kitchen done. This will eventually lead to the creation of a lot of mess and disorganisation at your home.

2. Coordination and supervision are a must:
As the designs are solely based on the homeowner’s requirements, close supervision is a must. This might prove difficult and may even lead to a lot of confusion and problems in the long run.

3. The finishing depends on the skills of the carpenter:
Here, the carpenter being the key, you need to ensure that you choose the best carpenter in your locality to get the best results. An unskilled carpenter can derail your plans which will, in turn, lead to the loss of both the quality and the finish of the design.

While both modular kitchen solutions and carpenter-made ones have their unique pros and cons, the new-gen design experts recommend switching to the modular kitchen as it’s the trend of contemporary and sleek kitchen designs. Moreover, choosing branded modular kitchen manufacturers like Würfel can help you in creating the finest kitchen designs as per your style requirements. Würfel, as a brand, keeps a continual check on the latest modern modular kitchen design trends and creates stylish kitchens. The brand was also awarded the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ by Times Business award for four consecutive years, namely 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 and also the ‘Most Innovative Kitchen’ award by India Kitchen Congress in the years 2019 and 2020. It is now recognised as India’s biggest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand with a total of 40 showrooms across the nation. Visit a Würfel studio near you to catch a glimpse of the latest modern modular kitchen designs and own your dream kitchen now.