Wardrobe Designs For a Modern Home

Modern homes these days have exotic home décor, and the bedroom is no less. A modern bedroom without a designer wardrobe is the same as a beautiful home without electricity. The moment you think of a bedroom, it’s the furniture and bed that pops in your head. Nowadays, most homes have an entire wall dedicated to their designer wardrobe. Since, the wardrobe is given so much importance in today’s homes, it’s important to make it both attractive as well as functional. Your designer wardrobe should ensure that it befits your needs and requirements. Designer wardrobes can be of different types, here are a few listed below.

1.  Mirrored Wardrobes – Create an illusion
Mirrored wardrobes are considered to be a high value addition to your bedroom décor. They have a certain stylish elegance to them and keep your bedroom looking sleek and chic. Mirrors create an illusion of space, this is especially important in bedrooms that are small. Today, most homes have mirrors on both doors with beautiful patterns on the middle portions, these are considered to be extremely trendy and in vogue. Mirrored wardrobes can also double up as a dresser, helping you check your appearance in different outfits much more easily.

2. Hinged Wardrobes – Back to basics!
Hinged wardrobes have been in existence for a long time, but has never lost their charm. Designer wardrobes that are hinged, swing wide open and come with many accessories like hooks, pockets, hangers and racks to organise various items. These designer wardrobes improve the visibility of your items stored inside. When the doors swung open, you are able to have an entire view of the contents, allowing you to make faster and easier choices of what to wear every time you step out! These traditional beauties are far from dying out!

3. Sliding wardrobe – Keep it classy
Sizes of modern homes are shrinking and hence the onset of sliding wardrobes. This contemporary wardrobe design is one that most elites opt for. They have sliding doors from one side to the other end along metal tracks fixed to the top and bottom of the wardrobe. Sliding wardrobes are not reliant on hinges for holding its doors. These doors help save space and does not hinder traffic flow in the room. In addition, if you opt for mirrored sliding door wardrobe, it can make your room feel larger. These designer wardrobes have a modern look and have a knack for making any room look stylish, with a clean finish. Sliding wardrobes also have a low risk of causing accidents, especially when you have young children at home.

4. Walk-in wardrobe – The pinnacle of glory!
When you have the luxury of space, you can take your bedroom décor to the next level of sophistication with the ultimate designer wardrobe – the walk-in wardrobe. These wardrobes give you more than enough space for storing all your items, from shoes to your jewellery collection. Walk-in wardrobes incorporate versatile shelving options and innovative storage solutions and hence are considered to be the most magnificent of designer wardrobes. Locating anything in a walk-in wardrobe is extremely easy and avoids creating a mess, unlike other wardrobes where you need to search for everything.

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