Latest Modular Kitchen Trends You Need To Know

A modular kitchen has become a primary aspect of home décor in the field of interior design at present. In order to achieve an elegant, functional, sophisticated modular kitchen designs, it is very important for you to keep the design trends in mind along with being mindful of your personal needs and style.

Add copper accents: Copper accents add a luxurious appeal to your overall modular kitchen design. You can incorporate them into your home through décor elements, and even light. You can add copper knobs to your modular kitchen cabinets and drawers and also include some copper lights to experience their magical appeal.

Go for a dual-toned kitchen: Introducing a two-colour palette to your modular kitchen design will help add a layer of depth to the look of your kitchen. While the lighter colour on the top cabinets will add the illusion of space in your modular kitchen, the darker colours on the base cabinets or drawers will prove to be a functional choice with respect to the fact that it is this space that bears the brunt of the rough usage. The lighter tones will bring more life to your modular kitchen space and the darker shades will help keep the overall look modern and sophisticated.

Add layers of texture: People who are not very fond of bold colour palettes can make use of textures to add definition to their modular kitchen space. Include brass strap knobs and hooks that aren’t lacquered on your modular kitchen cabinets and drawers, laminates on shutters etc., to add oomph to your design. Moreover, if you have a dual-toned kitchen you can make use of matte or rough-grained finishes in your base cabinets and introduce contrast by using high gloss or metallic finishes in the wall cabinets, thereby incorporating a perfect mix of textures.

Follow the trend of minimalism: Minimalism is one of the most talked-about trends in terms of interior designing, primarily on account of its sustainable approach. Designers have adopted this style and introduced them to all spatial interiors of a home, including the kitchen space. Modular kitchen layouts can adopt this design trend by aiming for a functional, clutter-free and stylish space that is devoid of any unnecessary detail. Having less kitchen furniture and décor elements will allow you to achieve a modular kitchen design that exudes the vibe of being elegant, spacious, and sleek in form and style.

Choose Marble Kitchen Countertops: A modular kitchen design with a marble countertop will have both a classic and an effortless style that is sure to win the hearts of all. The best quality of a marble kitchen countertop is that it seamlessly blends in with almost every kitchen design. They not only add the theme of luxury to your modular kitchen design but are also easy to shape and cut along with being highly durable. That is what makes the marble kitchen countertops one of the biggest modular kitchen trends of the year.

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