Three Best Ways to Design Your TV Units

A TV unit is considered to be a mandatory addition to the living room décor. TV units are no longer a stand to place your TV unit on, they have become a piece of furniture that not only adds elegance and class to your living room but also provide you with enough storage space to help keep your entertainment area organized and clutter-free. They help make the room a cosy and family-oriented area to catch up on your favourite shows and latest movies or even enjoy a good video game on that Xbox or PS. Here are a few ways to design the ideal TV unit for your home.

1. Size:
TV sets have evolved immensely over the years. With the evolution of television sets, the entertainment unit had to evolve as well. It is important to consider the size of your TV as well the layout of the room when designing your TV unit. Check the position where you would ideally be placing the TV unit and ensure that there is a power outlet close by as well. It is a written rule to make sure that the size of your TV unit should complement the size of your television set as well. Also, have a clear idea at what height you want the TV. Ideally, the TV unit should be at par with the rest of the furniture so that while watching television you look straight at the screen.

2. Storage Required:
An entertainment units’ primary function may be to hold your TV set, but they can also be functional in other forms. The living room area can often become unorganized and have a whole lot of clutter unintentionally forming in it. An entertainment unit can have storage space designed to fulfil your storage requirements. Whether it be to hide all those tangled cables or hold a speaker system or even have a shelf to keep your gaming system on, a TV unit can have multiple drawers, cabinets and shelves to solve your problems!

3. Type of TV units:
Another important factor to keep in mind is the style of TV unit you choose. The TV unit style should blend in well with the rest of your home décor. There are ideal two types of TV units, they are, the free-standing TV unit and the floating TV unit. Based on the space you have in your living room for the TV unit, you can come to a decision on whether a floating TV stand would suit your home or a free-standing one. Wall-mounted or floating TV units are a very modern concept and give your home a seamless and sleek appearance. They also save you a considerable amount of floor space and keep your TV out of harm’s way especially when you have pets or children at home. Whereas a floor-mounted or free standing TV unit are more traditional in style and take up a lot floor space. It also gathers dust easily underneath the stand, which can be a pain to clean.

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