Unique Interior Design Ideas With Dresser Mirrors

A mirror is basically a secret weapon for interior decoration, it attracts people to take a moment to admire themselves. Mirrors are also used to reflect light or brighten up a space, create more drama, create interesting frame views and reflections. It is kind of magical to experience how a mirror can change the whole vibe of your space. Think beyond the mirrors in your bathroom and get some new ideas on how to use mirrors in your home.

1.  Use it to brighten up your room – You don’t need many windows to brighten up your room with natural light, just place a dresser mirror next to your window or opposite to it. It will increase the amount of natural light coming into the room. A dresser mirror will harness any daylight whether it is sunny or cloudy. So bigger the mirror, brighter will be your space.

2. Use it to enhance your room size –  Mirrors are a clever way to deceive eyes. Placing a big dresser mirror in your small room will make your room appear bigger than it is. This is the reason why most shopping malls and brand’s outlets use mirrors. Also if your room has an awkward corner or a gap which is too small to fit in any furniture you can always use a mirror to remodel the space.

3. Make your mirror the focal point of your room – If your room has no mantelpiece or a fireplace to place your furniture around then a dresser mirror is a great way to dictate the positioning of our furniture around it. Use a wooden frame. It can be polished or vintage. Frame the mirror and put it on the wall. The mirror’s presence will enhance the ambience of your room and when you have visitors the mirror will exaggerate the number of guests and enhance the spirit. 

4. Use your mirror as a window –  Make a frame or choose a design that represents traditional window frames like separated mirror panes or window shutters. It will help create an illusion and also will surprise your visitors. A well-positioned mirror with such a clever design will make your room more spacious and chic. It will also play off the light that will come from the original windows. Overall it will look airy and spacious.

5. Mirrors for dark corners –  There are many rooms that are facing away from the sunlight or where windows were not properly planned while construction. Not to worry. A mirror will set it right. Put a mirror in the dark corner of the room and place a lamp near it. It will reflect all the light and throw it back at the room. It will look natural and brighten up the space immediately.

6. Use various shaped mirrors – Using different shaped mirrors will spice up the perspective of the room. A normal right shaped mirror, when placed correctly will optimise the natural light flooding into your space but along with this if we add different shapes of mirrors it will add more character to the room. Don’t stick to traditional rectangle mirrors. Before choosing the shapes consider the wall colour and furniture of your room. You may then choose the shapes accordingly.

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