Three Corner Wardrobe Designs That You Will Love

When you think of designing wardrobes for your bedroom, you immediately think of wide spaces, with different styles and finishes of wardrobes. Many home owners often leave out the corner spaces in their bedroom and they are never utilized. A corner wardrobe is the perfect solution to using this space. In today’s homes especially, there are a lot of space constraints involved. Designing the perfect wardrobe in a limited space is essential to keep the contents of your wardrobe organized. After all, the wardrobe is not just a space to store your clothes, but is also a reflection of your style. Here are a few corner wardrobe designs to maximize space utilization.

1. L shaped wardrobe:
This special wardrobe is designed to fit into that tricky corner space in your bedroom. We often overlook the corner space and it may often become a corner to dump your laundry bag or even a waste paper basket. With the space constraints we face these days, it’s criminal to not use this kind of space wisely. The L-shaped hinged corner wardrobe maximizes the storage space and gives you complete access to the corner of your wardrobe. The corner of the wardrobe is recessed allowing both doors to open outwards.

2. Triangular corner wardrobe:
Today, you cannot justify not using the corner of your bedroom. Wardrobes can be customized to the space that you have in the bedroom. A corner wardrobe is the perfect way to utilize the lost corner space. A triangular corner wardrobe closet with shelves can round off your bedroom space. Modular wardrobes with their seamless finish not only add aesthetic appeal to the room but also provides the functionality of a storage space.

3. Pentagonal Sliding corner wardrobe:
These wardrobes are in great demand today. They are unique in terms of their spaciousness and have a very contemporary and modern look to them. They add an essence of elegance to the bedroom décor. Doors play a key role in the practicality of using a corner wardrobe and in its appearance. Sliding doors save space and have a very futuristic style to them.

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