After a long day’s work, what is it that you long for the most? A good dinner, relaxing with your family, or a good night’s sleep in your bedroom? Speaking of bedrooms, if you are thinking of giving your bedroom a makeover, start by installing a hinged wardrobe. Most orthodox wardrobes have hinged doors and it is one of the most cost-effective and conventional options. Hinged wardrobes can be adapted to contemporary as well as classically styled themes. Hinged wardrobes are flexible enough to suit L-shaped corners and can also be fitted along angled walls. It offers better visibility of the inside and also allows you to keep the door open without it consuming any extra space. If you have a small bedroom area you have to plan the installation considering the fact that the doors of the wardrobe open and close without any obstruction. Choosing a perfect hinged wardrobe for your bedroom can be quite a task, but if we cover the basics it will get easier than expected. This blog is to help you match the style of your wardrobe with the existing theme of your interior, which includes the type of finishes, colours, and detailing on the door.

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Choosing the wardrobe colour– A makeover is primarily about visual aesthetics which brings colour to the top of the list. Colours surely add a certain tinge of vibrance to the room. You can opt for contrast colours to strike a sharp impression or you can go for colours that will match the walls or other furniture in the bedroom.

The wardrobe material– When you are designing or buying a hinged wardrobe you should take your time to go through all the design elements one by one. Give attention to the style and colour and cross-check the hardware materials of the wardrobe. See if it laminates, veneers, solid wood, particle boards as it will directly impact the longevity and functionality of the wardrobe. 

Making the wardrobe sections– Makeover is not only about visual aesthetics but it’s also about compatibility and comfort of the house owner which brings us to the different sections of the wardrobe. If your wardrobe is dominated by accessories it is best to go for multiple drawers and sections. The partitions of the wardrobe are based purely on personal preferences. Some would like to keep belts, watches, ties, and jewelry together, while others might prefer keeping all the accessories in a separate drawer. Also, try to avoid making top sections as it gets tough to access every day. 

Size of the wardrobe – You can get the most stylish wardrobe in the world but it won’t matter if it doesn’t fit your bedroom. So before jumping into the aesthetic side of it you should decide on the size of the wardrobe and how much space you want it to occupy. A right-sized wardrobe can make even a small bedroom look big. The size of the wardrobe also depends on the number of people living in the house. If you are buying a family wardrobe it will definitely need a bigger area. On the other hand, if you are single you don’t need much.

wurfel kuche

In conclusion, if you want a hinged wardrobe for a perfect bedroom makeover always take the expert’s opinion before making the final buy. Send us an email at or walk- into the nearest store. Würfel is India’s biggest wardrobe brand in India with 31 showrooms across the country. Browse through the exciting and mind-blowing designs and versatile collection of wardrobes to bring out the best in your Bedroom. You will also get a 10-year warranty period to help ensure amazing after-sales service in addition to periodical service of products. Visit a Würfel studio near you and take the first step in your journey towards owning your dream wardrobe.