Why Choose Modular Kitchen Over Traditional Kitchen

The kitchen is an important part of the house where some heavy activities take place and shouldn’t be ignored. It must be designed in such a manner that it’s stylish, functional and allows you the scope to be creative enough to highlight your personality.

Although the traditional carpenter-made kitchens have been the first choice for decades for Indian homeowners, the development in technology has given rise to marked developments in the kitchen industry with factory-made variants. Different elements like the cabinets, shutters, panels etc., are assembled and built together in a factory to make a single cohesive system.

The modular kitchen design has now become a favourite amongst modern homeowners because of its look, design, and finish.The kitchen modules are adaptable in nature which allows you to create any design that best fits the available space such as L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel, and galley kitchens. The best part is that the modular kitchen comes in a wide range of designs and finishes that allow you to pick one that best suit your needs and requirements.

Here are a few reasons why modular kitchen designs serve as the perfect additions to modern homes and are preferred over traditional carpenter-made kitchens:

1. Perfect finish:
The reason why modular kitchens have managed to win the hearts of many is mainly because of their stylish looks and exceptional finish. With a European modular kitchen design, you will be inviting beauty and elegance into the interiors of your home with the finest details.

When it comes to carpenter-made kitchens, you need to make sure that you hire the best carpenter in your area to get the desired results. If you get stuck with an unskilled carpenter it will ultimately lead to the production of low-quality kitchens with poor finishes.

2. High Durability:
Modular kitchens are made from core materials that offerhigh durability and resistance to termites or borers. The core material consists of high-density water resistant particle boards, MDF or high-quality calibratedplywood that is boiling water-resistant and does not bend or warp over a long duration of time. Goodmanufacturers also ensure that the cabinets in moisture-ridden areas, such as the sinkcabinet, which come in complete stainless steel.

3. Customised design:
When it comes to European modular kitchens, there is a wide range of materials, finishes, colours and textures that are available in the market. From chic and contemporary, to smooth and refined, there is a perfect fit of modular kitchen design for every home and aesthetic.

You can also customise by adding your personal sense of style to your luxury modular kitchen design by introducing minor variations to the original or conventional designs, depending on your personal needs.

4. Optimum management of space:
By optimally using every nook and cranny of the available space, customised modular kitchen designs help maximise the functionality of the kitchen space. The units of a luxury modular kitchen come with a range of innovative accessories that offer a variety of organisational solutions.

Modular kitchens permit you to design your cooking space according to the available space while ensuring optimum utilisation of the area, making it look both spacious and luxurious.

5. Wide range of designs and finishes:
No matter the size of your luxury modular kitchen design, the base and the wall units are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. You can choose them accordingly based on the existing aesthetics and theme of your home. You can opt for the u-shaped, parallel or peninsula kitchen layout if you have more space or you can select the straight or l-shaped kitchen layout to fit a smaller sized kitchen.

 You can also select the finish of your choice to give an appealing look to your modular kitchen cabinets and also to protect the materials from exposure to extreme temperatures or any other form of damage.

6. Easy to install and uninstall:
One of the major advantages offered by a European modular kitchen design is that it can be easily installed and uninstalled when required. The prefabricated nature of the modular kitchen makes it easy to shift from one place to another which comes in handy for people who need to relocate on a frequent basis.

7. Variety In storage facilities:
One of the reasons why modular kitchens are preferred over traditional carpenter-made kitchens is for their unique storage facilities. You can have any sorts of cabinetry solution that you require, be it drawers, oil pull-outs, dish organisers, tall units, magic corners, swing-out cabinets, built-in racks, etc.

You cannot find such a wide variety of storage options in carpenter-made kitchens. There you will have nothing more than basic and quintessential storage. So, you won’t have the liberty to have storage as per your requirements.

8. Easy Maintenance and Repair:
Customised modular kitchens are designed in a manner that provides you access to every tiny crevice which makes them extremely easy to clean and maintain. They come in a collapsible design which makes it easy for you to remove the skirting and other accessories to help ensure thorough cleaning or repair.

9. You get durable kitchen cabinets and countertops:
Unlike the traditional carpenter-made kitchen, a customised modular kitchen design has a designated space for everything. Thus, it saves you a lot of space and gives a clean and organised look. Also, the core materials, made up of boiling water-resistant plywood or MDF, that are used during the production of these durable European modular kitchen solutions areresistant to termites which makes them highly durable and long-lasting.

10. Remodeling and Flexibility:
The functional nature of customised modular kitchens allows homeowners to change the aesthetic of their kitchen at any given time. The design makes it possible for us to giveour kitchena brand-new look by simply changing the cabinets or the backsplash tiles. Flexible and continually adaptable, modular kitchens help customers move with the times.

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