The 10 Best Modular Kitchen Styles in India

To plan a modular kitchen is a huge step, not to mention a huge investment. The layout of your kitchen will help you choose where different aspects of the kitchen will be located because of certain restrictions. Just like all other efficient workplaces, modular kitchens require smart designs that helps us by reducing our efforts and supporting our workflow. Hence, this makes the kitchen layout your starting point and the prime factor influencing the efficiency of your kitchen.

So, let’s take a look at the latest modern modular kitchen design trends of 2022:

1. U-shaped Modular Kitchen Design:
The U-shaped modular kitchen design is perfect for medium to large kitchens. This kitchen design has gained high popularity in recent times as they are easily customisable, is easy to use and provide sample space for two or more people to roam around freely while working in the kitchen. The three-sided working tops help divide the layout into multiple work sites.

U-shaped luxury modular kitchen designs effectively utilise the corners of the kitchen so that every inch of the kitchen is used. Also, it reduces the travelling distance between the stove, washbasin and refrigerator to facilitate smoother workflow and higher productivity. It allows people to be able to walk through without getting in the way of the cook.

2. Island Modular Kitchen Design:
The island modular kitchen design increases the counter space which helps accommodate small appliances and prep space. It also offers additional storage space for cooking utensils and tools.

This European modular kitchen design allows you to include seating options with bar stools or dining chairs along one side which proves incredibly useful while entertaining guests. Island modular kitchens help define the space and become the centre of attraction in your home.

3. L-shaped Modular Kitchen Design:
L-shaped European modular kitchens are amazing proponents of the kitchen working triangle. This kitchen design has workstations set out on two adjacent walls which ensures that you don’t need to walk too far to reach different zones. This helps make the process of meal preparation more organised.

The L-shape also makes it easy for multiple people to work in the kitchen simultaneously without any hassle. This is the perfect layout for open plan kitchens as they help naturally open up the space to another room; typically a dining room or a living room.

4. Parallel Modular Kitchen Design:
This European modular kitchen layout has been adopted in many homes for its simplistic yet optimally functional design and feel. Although parallel kitchens are ideal for small homes, they can be easily adapted to suit a larger space as well.

These kitchens use walls efficiently as cupboards reach the top of the ceiling and even the shelves and drawers are across the walls to the door. 

The parallel kitchen is also a preferred choice in a professional setting like a restaurant due to its efficiency, if a productive work triangle is integrated into the design.

5. Straight Modular Kitchen Design:
The straight modular kitchen design is one of the most simple and functional kitchen layouts available in the market today. It is also termed the one-wall kitchen and is considered as the perfect choice for small urban apartments.

Here, the kitchen work triangle concept is judiciously laid out along a single wall which helps provide both cost-efficiency and space.

6. Peninsula Modular Kitchen Design:
Peninsula modular kitchen designs are ideal for smaller apartments and homes. They provide all the benefits of an island without using all the space.

The kitchen peninsula is either attached to a wall or to the adjacent countertop with three accessible sides. It is present as an extension of the existing kitchen space and thereby provides a highly functional workspace to the cook, with convenient access to both appliances and cabinets.

7. Stainless Steel Modular Kitchen Design:
Stainless steel modular kitchen designs are preferred by homeowners because of their high resistance and durability. These designs are also easy to clean on account of their smooth surface which is immune to bacteria and so you don’t need to compromise on hygiene.

The material is resistant to stains and visual fading, which gives your kitchen a clean, sleek appeal for years to come. Homeowners also prefer it as it is one of the most sustainable materials available today and is 100% recyclable.

8. The Marble Extravaganza:
Natural materials are the most preferred quintessential element of Indian kitchen design. (Indians have always been attracted to natural stones such as marble and granite. However modern the times are, the appeal of natural stones such as marble and granite still holds strong in our hearts.)

If you wish to introduce a traditional yet sophisticated appeal to your kitchen space you can opt for marble flooring and countertop. Even though this material is a bit high in terms of maintenance and is also expensive in comparison with other finishes available in the market, the elegant and luxurious appeal that it exudes is well worth all the hassles.

9. Matte Modular Kitchen Design:
The matte modular kitchen design gives a cool, classy and industrial look to the overall layout. Most homeowners are choosing the matte look for their luxury modular kitchens because they don’t reflect any light and are perfect for traditional style kitchens. They also help achieve a chic and trendy look for the kitchen which is ideal for modern homes.

The colour of matte finish modular kitchen cabinets give amore consistent look to the space and it does not wear out due to exposure to sunlight and other harsh chemicals. Darker matte finish cabinets are the best bet if you wish to include a durable and evergreen lookin your luxury modular kitchen space.

10. Tropical Luxury Modular Kitchen Design:
Tropical modular kitchens are all about bright and airy spaces that in corporate vibrant colours, lots of plants and flowers, and decor ideas that suggest a laid-back tropical lifestyle.

Colour is an integral feature of tropical kitchen design. Shades may vary from base colours like gentle whites and creams to accents of bold greens, blues oranges and yellows that help add a pop of colour through out. Backsplashes in tropical modular kitchen decor act as the perfect means to include both colour and art into the overall design. Vibrant tiles in different styles, featuring the shades of green, turquoise and blue can give new life to any kitchen design.

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