Things To Keep In Mind While Setting Up Your Modular Kitchen

The primary purpose of a modular kitchen is to keep the space neat and organised. Best modular kitchen designs help you make the maximum use of your available space and it lets you choose from different designs of cabinets, each serving a unique purpose. It takes a lot of planning and patience to design a modular kitchen layout that can be customised to suit your taste and style. From cabinets, to their finishes, and everything else in between, all things need to be planned out much in advance before your version of the best modular kitchen can come to life.

Design It According To Your Available Space
The best modular kitchen design depends on the nature of the available space in your kitchen. In terms of smaller spaces, the parallel or straight kitchen designs work perfectly but when it comes to larger spaces, you can choose amongst island, L-shaped or U-shaped Kitchen designs.

Pay Attention To The Countertop
When it comes to durability, your countertop becomes the most important aspect for you to consider while designing your best modular kitchen. Based on the type of cooking done in your household, the raw material of the countertop needs to be chosen. You should also consider the ideal height of the countertop based on the needs of your family.

Good Lighting Is A Must
Darker colours have become the new trend for designing the best modular kitchens. However, if you want to use black or dark grey as the primary colour option then you must take into consideration that darker colours require good lighting to complement them. Having proper lighting will help amplify the luxurious appeal of your dark coloured modular kitchen.

Focus On The Work Triangle
To keep a positive and happy environment in your kitchen, one needs to have a mindful approach towards the work triangle. The placement of the fridge, stove and sink should ideally be between 4 and 9 feet, while the triangle perimeter should be between 13 and 26 feet.

Add Ample Storage Spaces
Keeping your storage requirement in mind, you need to add storage units in your kitchen. The best modular kitchen will consist of drawers, tower units, wall and base cabinets, corner units etc., to keep the look of your space decluttered and elegant.

Play With Your Colour Palette
Painting your best modular kitchens requires some thought process and one of the aspects to consider is the colour palette of your design. Colours help you customise the space as and how you like, so you can define your style through them while making sure not to upset the balance of your modular kitchen design as a whole.

Proper Ventilation Is The Key
With heat being an unavoidable element of kitchens, having proper ventilation is a must for designing your best modular kitchen. Ideally, a kitchen should have a door that opens out to the balcony or the washing area, to help prevent smoke from accumulating in your home.

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