Ten Ways to Make Your Kitchen Eco-Friendly

A kitchen is a place where we not only prepare food but also entertain guests and spend some quality time with our family. With the concept of open kitchens, kitchens have become a social space. With the fast-paced development of the world, people often forget that we are destroying the environment we are living in, be it pollution, deforestation or just wasting our ecological resources. Has it ever occurred to you that you can do your part to help sustain the environment by reducing your carbon footprint? It doesn’t take a lot and you can help contribute by starting right at home and in the kitchen! Maintaining an eco-friendly kitchen can do wonders for the environment as well as your health. Here are a few ways to promote an eco-friendly kitchen!

1. Segregate your waste!
When throwing out waste, keep two separate bins for your organic waste and non-organic. The organic waste can always be thrown into a compost bin and be used as fertilizer for plants. While non-organic can be reused or reduced. This can help irresponsible throwing of waste, that can add to the pollution of the environment.

2. Reusable bags
A lot of grocery stores and shopping marts have now switched to paper bags or cloth bags rather than plastic. It can greatly help if you can use the same cloth bag every time you go grocery shopping rather than requesting a new one. Plastic bags are something that can never be recycled and are a major cause of most of the pollution that happens today.

3. Clean your kitchen using eco-friendly boards
Throw out all those chemical-laden cleaners and insecticides and move to eco-friendly products! Every kitchen has basic cooking ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and lime juice. These are the perfect alternatives to using chemical substances to keep your kitchen clean. They can also be used as pesticides.

4. Use eco-friendly utensils 
We are all so used to the idea of using plastic cups for parties and Styrofoam plates. You use and throw because it’s convenient. Have you ever wondered where it goes once you dispose of it? These severely pollute our environment and are a hazard to our ocean life. Switch to recycled glass cups or ceramic and metal plates and bowls. They have a certain charm about them and work just as well as your plastic dinnerware.

4. Add house plants
Indoor plants not only make your home look livelier and aesthetically more appealing, they also have other functions. Research shows that indoor plants help get rid of toxins that are present in the air you breathe especially pollutants like formaldehyde. They are also known to boost your mental health and help reduce stress!

5. Sustainable cabinets
The boards used to make your kitchen cabinet play a big role in the sustainability of the cabinet. Well-renowned brands like Würfel use E0 grades of board, which are the best grade of boards to use. Unlike other boards, these boards do not emit any toxic fumes. The boards we use are not made from real wood, but on the contrary, are made from resins and sawdust that makes them eco-friendlier.

6. Know your fridge!
Overbuying or overstocking is a common habit that comes second nature to us human beings. This can lead to a lot of food wastage. Always choose to buy food products from local vendors, they are a healthier option as well as supports the local vendors. This contributes to an eco-friendly kitchen.

7. Use energy-efficient appliances
Using energy-efficient appliances will help reduce electricity consumption. Check the consumption before buying a new product. Lowering consumption not only means you reduce the carbon footprint but it also minimizes the electricity bills!

8. Opt for LED or natural light
A brightly lit kitchen makes a world of a difference in any home. The healthiest way to keep your kitchen devoid of bacteria is to allow as much as natural light possible to enter. If you don’t have natural lighting, try to use LED lights, they provide ample light and are cost-effective.

8. Last but not the least – Reuse water
A lot of the water we use to clean dishes, (if not too soapy) can be used to water plants in the garden. For example, even if you’re boiling pasta or spaghetti, the water can be cooled off and used to water the plants.

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