Ten Clever Ways to Use Foyer Tables

A foyer table or entryway table is a table that is placed in the space that connects the entrance of your home to other rooms. The foyer table is normally the first piece of furniture that guests or even the homeowner view when they enter the house. Considering your personality and style of decorating, you can use the foyer table in different ways. Foyer tables can fit into any space, whether you have a spacious foyer or a narrow one. Foyer tables are not only aesthetically appealing but also are also functional pieces of furniture to have. Where else would you place your keys when you enter your home after a long tiring day and an arm full of groceries? These tables are ideal to store small items like hats, masks, gloves and keys! Here are 10 ways to use your foyer table.

1. Rustic touch:
There’s no written rule that foyer tables need to be polished, chic and expensive. You can always reuse an old barrel, a bench or a wooden crate and convert them into a foyer table at the entryway. The pieces of furniture with a little paint and polish make ideal foyer tables and also add a rustic element to your home.

2. Floating foyer table:
These entryway tables are perfect for those of you who don’t have too much foyer space to play with. A wooden ledge hung on the wall or attached to the wall make for great foyer tables too.

3. Dresser tables:
A foyer table can easily be placed in a bedroom, and if it has drawers, even better! These tables make the perfect replacement for a dresser. They have enough space to hold your personal items as well as place a table mirror on.

4. Study desk:
Foyer tables that are slightly larger in size and wider, can easily be used as a study table. Place a little desk lamp and a pen holder, and voila! You have the perfect study table for your study room.

5. Entryway glances:
If you have an aisle in the space where you enter your home and enough space to place a tall foyer table, try placing a mirror on the wall space above it. This makes it the ideal spot to get one quick glimpse of yourself before leaving home during morning rush hours!

6. Dining consoles:
Foyer tables if placed in a dining room can instantly be transformed into dining consoles. Dining consoles act like a buffet table and allow you to place extra dishes on them when there is no space on the dining table.

7. Center tables:
Foyer tables act as good center tables in a living room if you don’t have any. They can actually be placed in any part of the living room. They play both a functional role as well as a decorative one.

8. Prayer room tables:
Many of us have prayer rooms and probable frames of Gods or idols, but where do you keep them? Foyer tables can be placed in puja rooms and make sturdy surfaces to place your Gods frames on.

9. Photo frame stand:
Many a time we struggle to find the wall space to hang photo frames of happy old memories. A foyer table kept in the living room, makes a good area to place photo frames for a trip down memory lane!

10. Cabinet style:
Foyer tables can come in the form of cabinets that provides a lot of storage space. These cabinets can be placed in the living room, dining room or even the foyer space.

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