Best Way to Add Colour to Your Kitchen


Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the heart of every home and it is wise to build this space with finesse and make it look as lively as possible. This is the place where you actually spend the most time in without even realizing. With open kitchen formats in trend at the moment, there is certainly more to a kitchen than just cooking. Thus, adding colour to your kitchen will only make it appear brighter, happier and will be a true reflection of your personality. There are a lot of kitchen colour ideas you can find on the internet and multiple ways you can achieve the same. The easiest method probably would be to colour one wall of the kitchen using a bright colour and highlight it. You can hang photo frames or paintings to add to the décor in the kitchen. As an alternative to paint, you can use wallpapers to liven up the kitchen space.
The other way to add colour to your kitchen would be to of course use pop colours for your kitchen shutters. Pop colours look great on a kitchen façade. You can choose a finish of your liking from matte, gloss, laminate, glass or more.

You can upgrade your dinnerware set to a bright colour tone to make the whole setup look refreshing. Although the practical notion states that a dinnerware set of a plain neutral colour suits best as it compliments most things. However, you would notice that it becomes boring after a while. With a bright dinnerware set, it is going to be great for display in your crockery unit and you would no longer need to keep it under closed shutters. You can also use the same accent colour hue for your kitchen appliances, accessories, cutlery, towels, etc. In a plain neutral kitchen, these would act as a highlight and keep your kitchen lively all the time.

You can add furniture with a mix of pop colours – it will surely help you to add more character to your kitchen. If you have a white crockery unit, you may the shelves and cabinets with a bright pop colour. It will certainly act as the highlight in your kitchen. You may also hang pendant lights to set a different mood and create an ambience in the kitchen. The proper use of lights can also go a long way to help you add colour to your kitchen.

The dado unit is another place which you can highlight to completely change the look of your kitchen. The outlook of your kitchen maybe in a neutral colour, but once you have a dado with a bright colour, the whole kitchen would come to life. Apart from the dado unit being bright, you can also look at some texture or patterns and incorporate the same.
Try creating a nook for yourself in the kitchen space and it is here that you can really think outside the box and experiment with a lot of colour options.

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