How to Make Your Kitchen Your Style Statement

To design a statement kitchen, you need to do much more than simply choose the worktops and cabinets. Modular kitchen interiors are not meant just to enhance your cooking experience, they are supposed to reflect the essence of your personality and attitude.

As the kitchen is regarded as the heart of our homes, we should include some unique features that highlight our personality while making it a style statement of our home. Often, the kitchens are part of an open concept which makes it vital for the kitchen’s décor to be synonymous with the dining and relaxing areas as well.

Here are a few design tips that will help transform your modular kitchen space into a stylish arena:

1. Experiment with geometric tiles:
The kitchen is that one space in our home where we can use tiles extensively because it makes the process of cleaning a whole lot easier. While having regular tiles may seem to be the conventional choice but they can also turn boring with time. Geometric tiles on the other hand add a sense of vitality to the modular kitchen without being too over the top.

You can obtain a striking finish for your European modular kitchen with the geometric mosaic tile. It can be used as a backsplash which will not only add more style to your luxury modular kitchen design but will also make it look brighter as the tile will surely magnify the light in the space. You can also opt to include a geometric floor tile for your customised modular kitchen. Adding vinyl tiles having geometric patterns will add more life to the layout. To make your floor the focal point you can pair plain walls with your geometric floor tiles.

2. Include an accent wall:
One easy way to add more flair and personality to your European modular kitchen is by incorporating an accent wall. They will definitely be a cheaper option when compared to a complete remodel and they will also help add a personal touch to your customised modular kitchen design. They can either bring about a more bright and playful aura to the space or they can incorporate a modern and minimalappeal to the overall design.

Pairing a bold wall colour of your choice with white or beige cabinetry can instantly breathe new life into your modular kitchen. The cheery shade of yellow is sure to uplift the spirits of people as they walk into the kitchen as it is primarily associated with the spirit of optimism and creativity. Besides paint, you can also opt for a unique tile pattern for your accent wall to make a style statement through your customised modular kitchen. You can keep the rest of the space minimal to highlight your accent wall.

3. Don’t forget the details:
When creating a statement look for your European modular kitchen, you have to consider the design of your cabinets, appliances, sink, lights etc., to help create a more wholesome appeal. Thesesmaller details will ultimately tie the style of your space together and serve as thefocal point in your luxury modular kitchen.

Gold, brass and copper elements complement warm shades whereas silver elements pair best with cool tones. It is important that you must ensure that the pieces you choose complement the colour palette of your customized modular kitchen.

4. Choose the best colour palette:
The colour of your luxury modular kitchen design is as important as the style of cupboards you opt for because it is the first thing that people will notice once they step into your kitchen. White is a definite favourite amongst homeowners, followed closely by shades of pale grey, off-white and cream when it comes to creating a perfect backdrop for your European modular kitchen on which you can build on in future. A muted colour scheme permits you to be bold while choosing other elements of décor, be it kitchen tiles or flooring, as they complement each other perfectly.

You can also choose a gorgeous shade of green or indigo for your luxury modular kitchen design to add more vibrancy to the space and make a lasting impression. The important thing to remember here is that you must take your time to choose the right colour palette to help express your style and make your kitchen shine.

5. Add oomph through lighting:
In order to design your modular kitchen successfully, you need to factor in the lighting at an early stage. The right lighting has a great influence on creating the right ambience in your space.You should take into account the ambient, the task as well as the accent lighting of the modular kitchen design whether it’s part of an open plan or it exists as a separate room altogether.

The ambient lighting of your luxury modular kitchen should be good enough to be able to work with sharp knives and handle hot pots and pans. Task lighting is meant for illuminating the worktop and sink area. It consists of directional ceiling spotlights and under-unit lights. Accent lighting allows you to highlight the architectural details and other points of interest in your modular kitchen like artwork or other displays. Include pendants above the islands and LEDs beneath the units to make it appear like they are floating.

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