2022 Trending Modular Kitchens

The kitchen is rightly called the heart of the home because we not only prepare meals in this space but also engage in socializing, spending quality time with our loved ones and creating memories that are sure to last a lifetime. The advancement in technology and the change in social dynamics have resulted in a clear shift in perspective with regards to modern kitchen design.

Now, modular kitchens arerecognized as one of the trendiest kitchen designs on account of their stylish looks and high efficiency. They are made to fit your style and standards which, in turn, makes your whole kitchen experience more wholesome. Luxury modular kitchens are designed in such a way that they will meet your daily kitchen requirements in addition to giving your traditional kitchen space, an elegant and classy makeover. They come with extra storage space,organized countertops and aspacious appeal that makes them the right choice for every modern home.

But before embarking on the journey of designing the perfect modular kitchen for your home,take a look at some of the latest European modular kitchen design trends of 2022:

1. Bring in smart kitchens:
If you find yourself drawn toward brand new technological innovations, then the best thing for you to do is to opt for smart luxury modular kitchens for your home. The pandemic has seen us all welcome the digital in our lives and this practice should rightly extend to the focal point of our homes. It is important for us to evolve with the changing times by upgrading our kitchens with built-in smart appliances that will not only make everything more convenient in the space but will also enhance its functionality. Motion detection sensors and a one-touch function will help keep your modern modular kitchen space entertaining and will give rise to a livelier cooking environment.


2. Include a kitchen island:
By incorporating an island in your European modular kitchen layout, you can add an edge to the overall design in addition to increasing the functionality of your kitchen. It has become a clear favorite amongst modern homeowners because of the utilities that it offers. Although island kitchens were earlier preferred primarily for larger spaces, now they are being utilized extensively in smaller modular kitchen designs to add an element of style and luxury. In smaller modular kitchens, the island kitchens transform into countertops and thereby serve as dining tables and provide additional storage space. They can also be designed to serve multiple purposes. You can include islands that consist of cooktops, and other appliances, as well as a sink.

3. Add personality through unique backsplashes:
The primary function of a kitchen backsplash is to provide an easy-to-clean surface from which you can wipe away cooking splatters and spills. But you can put your creative mind to use here and include some unique patterns or colors to add more personality to your luxury modular kitchen design. Gone are those days when your only choice was to opt for standard backsplash tile.Now you can choose your backsplash design from a wide range of ideas ranging from glass tiles, patterned tiles, galvanized metal, ceramic subway tiles, etc., to add your own sense of style to the space.

4. Introduce warmth through colours:
The latest European modular kitchen designs comprise of vibrant colours that add more warmth to the space. Colourful cabinetry and vibrant backsplash designs are a great way to put a personal twist on your cooking space. Shades such as grey, red, blue, yellow and green work wonders for your luxury modular kitchen. You can also add a modern touch to your space by pairing colours such as black or dark grey with wooden or metal accent pieces.

5. Open kitchens are still IN:
A well-designed spacious open concept modular kitchen design is in high demand as it allows you to cook and socialise with your family or guests at the same time thereby making your kitchen space more versatile. It helps to turn a dim kitchen into a bright, airy room while creating better traffic flow in the area. Open concept luxury modular kitchens also help create a more efficient layout, where you won’t feelcramped or limited.

6. Add some class through marble countertops:
The subtle shine of marble countertops ushers in an air of elegance that helps add a timeless ambience to our homes. Marble,being a natural stone, is more resistant to scratching and breaking than many other available European modular kitchen countertop materials and its ability to withstand the test of time is well documented. However, it is softer enough to incorporate stylish design elements during the process of fabrication.

7. Showcase your stylish kitchenware through open shelves:
The trend of open shelving in kitchens is not going out of style anytime soon. Adding them to your luxury modular kitchen makes the space feel more open and expansive. Having open shelves allows you to display your beautiful kitchenware among other antiques. Being able to see through your storage also helps you keep track of everything without any hassle. Just remember to clean the shelves on a more frequent basis to avoid having accumulating mess in your kitchen.

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