Know What Kitchen Suits Your Home

If you are planning the interior design for your luxury modular kitchen, certain aspects immediately come to your mind. This includes the layout of your kitchen; whether you should opt for an open or a closed kitchen. You also need to consider the shape of the kitchen, if it is a straight, parallel, an L-shaped, or a U-shaped kitchen.

But have you ever considered choosing a style for your modular kitchen?

There are different types of design styles for your kitchen, just like there are for the other rooms of your home. The different design styles help you create a look that’s contemporary, transitional, country-style and more, and choosing between the different styles is vital to getting the desired aesthetic for your modular kitchen space. The best part is that you can match each style to the interior design scheme of the rest of your home to create a space that’s cohesive, authentic and inherently you.

Let us take a look at the different kitchen styles that best suits the architecture of our home and our taste:

1. Modern Kitchen Design Style:
The modern kitchen design style serves as a calm backdrop to busy kitchen commotion. This design style generally consists of open spaces, simple colour palettes and minimalist features that offer a clutter-free space for you to relax in your European modular kitchen.

The term ‘modern’ encloses everything that has a sleek and streamlined appearance. At the present time, the modern design style of luxury modular kitchen constitutes a larger trend that emphasises clean lines, minimalistic design elements, and open spaces featuring highly functional post-industrial materials. This simple design style helps maximise functionality in your kitchen space by utilising space and organised cabinetry.

When it comes to the colours and shades of the kitchen cabinets, grey is still a favourite for modern spaces, as are warm neutrals. White is forever desirable for its ability to create an illusion of spaceand moody darks that help create a cosy atmosphere are also in trend.You can also opt for popcolors for selected cabinetry in your European modular kitchen design.

2. Traditional Kitchen Design Style:
The traditional style European modular kitchen should consist of an element of adornment, architectural design or enhanced pieces with decorative accessories such as wainscoting on the island, corbels and furniture-like pieces with embellishments in every area of the room. These kitchens mainly stick to a classic colour palette having cool and warm neutrals, such as light beige and deep cherries.

Here, appliances will not be a part of the cabinets and there will be only one source of lighting as there will already be a lot going on in terms of decorative accessories in this style of customised modular kitchen design so the backsplash will be kept simple in terms of material, colour and style.

3. Transitional Kitchen Design Style:
As hinted by the word ‘transition’, this customised modular kitchen design style is one that combines two different periods of time. When observed carefully, it becomes clear that this kitchen style presents a combination of the traditional and the modern styles.

There will be grooves and handles in the luxury modular kitchen cabinets but the appliances will be in-built. There will be a stone backsplash for achieving a seamless look and there will be no availability of task lights. Essentially, the elements of two different time periods merge organically in a transitional style kitchen. It works best if you prefer the old-world or vintage look but also want your home kitchen design to be efficient to use.

4. Country-style Kitchen Design:
If you want to have an open kitchen for your home, a country-style kitchen is the best choice for you. The idea behind it all is that the person cooking in a country style kitchen has a full view of the house. For the ceiling, you can add rustic elements such as wooden rafters and brick or stone walls. This interior design for the European modular kitchen style works best with wooden tones or warm colours.

The country-style kitchen focuses on natural materials and fine craftsmanship in an effort to create a warm and comfortable kitchen design where guests will feel welcome. The cabinets, tables and chairs of this customised modular kitchen style are generally constructed from intricately carved wood of cherry, maple, oak or pine. Appliances and accessories are also significant elements of country-style kitchen design.

5. Contemporary Kitchen Design Style:
What’s important to understand here is that contemporary is not a style but a mix of style elements that are currently in demand. This means that the contemporary interior design for European modular kitchens in the coming decade might look very different from the one that is being described now.

Today, a contemporary style kitchen consists of modular cabinets having slim profile handles or no handles. It has built-in appliances and an open layout with a breakfast counter. You can include gourmet cooking equipment, comfortable and durable seating options and lots of open space for a kitchen that perfectly suits the lifestyle of the 21st-century.

Contemporary style customised modular kitchens includes two-toned spaces as it helps bring in the element of contrast. This idea is even more relevant if you are on the lookout for modular kitchen ideas for small spaces.

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