If you’re on the lookout for a kitchen shade that will remain evergreen in terms of both style and appeal, white is an ideal choice. Designers are in love with this hue because it allows them to keep the room’s basic style minimalistic while introducing contrasting colours as accents and focal points.

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Many homeowners, however, tend to be a little skeptical about having an all-white kitchen because of the myth about them being difficult to maintain. Here are a few tips and tricks to maintain the aesthetics of your white kitchen:

1. Add some texture to your white kitchen: A white kitchen reflects light, making the space brighter and more expansive. Having said that, this can also make them prone towards developing a yellowish tinge over time. This phenomenon is further accelerated with direct exposure to sunlight. However, installing shades, or tinted glass should solve this problem plus add texture to your kitchen design.

2. Detects dirt easily: When you are designing a white kitchen, you must be aware that white cannot hide dirt. This means you will have a healthier home than any other. Wondering how? Well, since it is so easy to see dirt on white, it will need regular cleaning. Also, deep cleaning once in a week should be good enough to keep your kitchen white and healthy.

3. Be wary of spillages and stains: Remember how you take extra care of yourself when you wear a white. Similarly, you should also be more careful about spillages, splashes, and stains when you have a white kitchen. Even if there is any accidental spillage, make sure you wipe it off immediately to prevent seepage of moisture into the cabinets.

Don’t let the fear of grease and grime keep you from having the white modular kitchen of your dreams. Follow these steps and enjoy the pristine grace and elegance of a white kitchen.