The kitchen is an important part of the house where some heavy activities take place and shouldn’t be ignored. It must be designed in such a manner that it’s stylish, and functional and allows you the scope to be creative enough to highlight your personality.

Although traditional carpenter-made kitchens have been the first choice for decades for Indian homeowners, the development in technology has given rise to marked developments in the kitchen industry with factory-made variants. Different elements like the cabinets, shutters, panels, etc., are assembled and built together in a factory to make a single cohesive system.

The modular kitchen design has now become a favorite amongst modern homeowners because of its look, design, and finish. The kitchen modules are adaptable in nature which allows you to create any design that best fits the available space such as L-shaped, U-shaped, parallel, and galley kitchens. The best part is that the modular kitchen comes in a wide range of designs and finishes that allow you to pick one that best suit your needs and requirements.

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Here are a few reasons why modular kitchen designs serve as the perfect additions to modern homes and are preferred over traditional carpenter-made kitchens:

When it comes to carpenter-made kitchens, you need to make sure that you hire the best carpenter in your area to get the desired results. If you get stuck with an unskilled carpenter it will ultimately lead to the production of low-quality kitchens having poor finishes.

You can also customize by adding your personal sense of style to your luxury modular kitchen design by introducing minor variations to the original or conventional designs, depending on your personal needs.

Modular kitchens permit you to design your cooking space according to the available space while ensuring optimum utilization of the area, making it look both spacious and luxurious.

You can also select the finish of your choice to give an appealing look to your modular kitchen cabinets and also to protect the materials from exposure to extreme temperatures or any other form of damage.

You cannot find such a wide variety of storage options in carpenter-made kitchens. There you will have nothing more than basic and quintessential storage. So, you won’t have the liberty to have storage as per your requirements.

Wurfel kuche

Well-established brands like Würfel have a wide range of modular kitchen designs to suit your style and home décor. You can get a free design quote for your home interiors by filling out the form below or drop us an email at To know more about Würfel products, take a look at our website. With 43 studios across the country, Würfel is the most premium and the largest modular kitchen and wardrobe brand in the country. It was awarded the ‘Best Modular Kitchen Brand’ by Times Business Awards consecutively for the years 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and also ‘The Most Innovative Kitchen Award’ in 2019 & 2020 by India Kitchen Congress. Visit a Würfel studio near you to catch a glimpse of the latest modern modular kitchen designs and own your dream kitchen soon. Click here for more details.