Modular kitchens refer to modern kitchen furniture that are constructed in modules or units. They are specifically designed to maximise every inch of the available space and allow for efficient space management, especially for the smaller spaces. The standard modular layout generally comprises of multiple cabinet units,which include wall units, tall-storage cabinets, floor units, gadgets-storage spaces, etc. Each unit is built from diversified materials and comes with modular kitchen accessories to arrange the things in a clutter-free manner.

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So in order to build your dream kitchen that you’ll love for years to come, it’s smart to stick to the tried and tested methods as advised by the experts. Proper planning of the kitchen space is key if you want a successful kitchen design that fulfils all your expectations.From enlarging your kitchen space to designing functional and multipurpose islands and getting creative with your storage, here are the top tips for creating a stylish European modular kitchen:

  1. Consider the Kitchen Work Triangle: The kitchen work triangle is a kitchen design guideline that helps you plan efficient workspaces and clear traffic lanes in the kitchen. It consists of the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator. An important part of your kitchen planning consists of planning how to arrange these three items so that one can easily access the cleaning, cooking and food storage areas without overcrowding the kitchen space.

It is recommended to first have a rough sketch of your kitchen space before deciding the type of layout you want to go for. The general ruleis to leave a distance of 4 to 9 feet between each leg of the triangle.

Modern-day kitchens aren’t just about cooking and cleaning. They have rightly become the hub of the home and have proved to be more multi-functional than ever. So, it is important that we take timeto plan the layout of the space according to the activities that will happen there such as dining, socialising etc.

This doesn’t imply that you should blindly opt for brighter hues as well. Darker shades trap in more heat which poses a problem during the summer season. So, the best thing to do is to try mixing and matching different shades and use different combinations. Also, it is important to ensure that the colour palette of your customised modular kitchen goes well with the overall theme of the interior design of your home.

The choice of kitchen lighting is crucial on account of many reasons. First, it is important towards creating a brightly-lit workspace that maximises your visibility and ensures your safety while you cook. The counters and other surfaces should have proper illumination so that the process of food preparation becomes easy and efficient.

Good lighting helps to create an inviting, welcoming space while also providing a useful and purposeful atmosphere. The right light will ensure safety, cleanliness, and ease of visibility for anything you need to do in the kitchen.

Your customised modular kitchen can easily get hot and grimy because preparing meals generates a lot of heat, smoke, grease and odours. A well-ventilated kitchen helps greatly in controlling the  air quality and temperature of the European modular kitchen. A functional ventilation system works by expelling the hot air from your kitchen and creating a constant circulation of air within your kitchen. The elimination of impurities like smoke, heat and fumes can greatly improve air quality for a pleasant and more comfortable kitchen environment.

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But even though the chimney and the exhaust fan helps in venting out the heat and fumes outside the modular kitchen area, having a door that opens out into the balcony or washing area always proves helpful. It also helps ensure that your modular kitchen has proper air circulation even when you are not using the space. Also, it will prevent the smoke from accumulating inside your home.

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