Wall Mirrors to Light Up Your Homes

Wall mirrors are considered to be an interior designers secret weapon. Do you know why? Apart from being an object that you can see your reflection in, the mirror can add a ton of style to your home. A well-positioned mirror can make a home looks much more spacious and airy than it seems. They reflect any natural light that comes in through the windows and floods the room with light. Mirrors don’t always have to be symmetrical and practical, they can be asymmetrical and become a conversation starter! Hanging mirrors are important to frame a view, so ensure that it creates a balance and harmony in the reflection as well. Here are a few ways to light your home up with mirrors!

Across a window: Let there be light!
A wall mirror hung across an open window that has ample natural light is ideal for those of you who have space constraints. They are best placed above a console in the living room. They instantly make your living room look more spacious and airy, bouncing off any sun light it catches on its reflection.

Mirrored walls: Glamourous!
Try transforming an entire wall space into a mirror with the use of either a wall mirror that runs from the height of floor to the ceiling or even mirrored tiles on the walls. These go well especially with homes that have a laminate floor or woodwork. It makes the space look luxurious and huge!

Hanging mirrors: Hang tight!
Hanging mirrors are the perfect blend of style and function. There are many spots in the house where you can have a hanging mirror. The entryway, hallway, living room or even in the dining room! Hanging mirrors can be used behind a console table and add a touch of glamour to any home! The console table is often placed in the entryway or dining room. Hanging mirrors on top of the console has been a trend that has never lost its charm! You can also have decorative mirrors placed in your dining room. This works fabulously in smaller places as they tend to open up the space more and creates an illusion of depth.

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