Petite Modular Kitchen Designs That Augment Your Homes

When designing your kitchen, it all boils down to how much space you have for your kitchen. If you have a big kitchen space, you can run wild with the designs and styles you want. However, if you have space constraints, your options for your kitchen styles reduce drastically. Small modular kitchen designs are fun if you know the theme of your house and If you have space constraints, don’t worry, we’re going to take you through some great kitchen designs to help you make the most of the space you have.

Mirrored Kitchen: A Modern Mirage!
The finish you select will play a big part in how your kitchen will look like. Using a high gloss finish in tight spaces creates a sense of illusion which makes the space look bigger. A mirrored finish is the best for tight spaces as it creates the best optical illusion for small modular kitchen designs.

Linear Kitchens: A straight line!
Linear kitchens are great if you have space constraints. You can have the cooking, cleaning and storage area all on a single wall. Although this is a straight but simple kitchen, you can have ample storage in the overhead cabinets and at the base cabinets. The dado space can be used as storage for cutlery, chopping boards which gives you more cabinet space to store other items. If you’re really looking to add extra space to have a quick meal, you can have a sliding breakfast counter which can be pulled out during use and back when not in use. This makes the linear kitchen a great option for a small modular kitchen design. Image a mirrored finish with the linear kitchen, you won’t feel the need to have a bigger kitchen space.

L-Shape Kitchens with Floating Cabinets
L-Shape kitchens are the most common shape of kitchens used in most homes today. The L-Shape kitchen utilises the spaces of two walls. You can have tall storage cabinets on one wall and a combination of overhead and base cabinets on another wall. The overhead cabinets on this L-Shape kitchen has open cabinets with sliding doors and spot lights which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The base cabinets are equipped with big pull out drawers which float leaving you with space at the bottom of the cabinets. This unique design is often ignored when you have a big kitchen space.

There are different ways to make your kitchen space look bigger and we highly recommend linear kitchens for small modular kitchen designs. Choosing the right finish is critical and bright colours are highly recommended.

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