Dresser Designs That Enhance Your Room, While Keeping All Belongings Neat and Clean

Dressers have been around since the 17th century primarily used to get ready before heading out. Dressers today have become common in most bedrooms and come in different styles. Since dressers are mostly located in the bedroom, they’re used as a multi-purpose furniture. The dresser can be used to get ready before an outing or used as a storage space for things you might need while getting ready. There are different styles for a dresser, you can have a classical, minimalist or a contemporary design but designing a dresser all depends on the theme of your bedroom. If you’re on the lookout for the best dresser designs, we’re going to look at a few designs which enhance your room while keeping your things organised.

Melange Chest of Drawer: A Timeless Elegance

Functionality and a mix of classical and modern design makes this dresser one of the best dressers available in the market. The dress sits on black metal legs which gives it a modern look. The finish is a mix of white high gloss poly lacquer and a vanilla laminate. An open cabinet by the side makes it convenient to store things that you used on a day-to-day basis.

Ruhae Dark Dresser: Rounded Edges

The Ruhae dresser has a French door design which gives it a classical look. The dresser is rounded on all edges which makes it extra durable meaning you don’t have to worry about insects and moisture damaging your dresser. If you’re looking for a variety of colours to match your bedroom décor, then the lacquer finish used on the Ruhae is the best as it comes in any colour you want. Since this dresser uses drawer systems, you can keep all your things stored inside them and have your bedroom look more organised.

Volar Dresser: Hidden Spaces

The Volar dresser is a minimalist design which not only looks great but is also a great option for storage. Dressers are commonly free standing and large but the Volar dresser is more petite and compact for bedrooms with tight spaces. The wall cabinet has a multipurpose role as it not only serves as a space for your mirror but also a storage space on the side for small items like your make-up sets. The colour combination of the laminate finishes used removes any form of monotony in the bedroom. The base cabinets are wall mounted to give you that extra space at the bottom to tuck your dresser tool in when not in use. Dressers like the Volar are great if you have space constraints in your bedroom.

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