Which is The Best Colour For Wardrobes?

Wardrobes are no longer the only places to store our belongings. The way we think about wardrobe colours has changed over time. Wardrobe colour designs and combinations have become an integral part of our interior design’s aesthetic, and if they don’t reflect the interior design scheme of our space, they may very well pose a problem. Wardrobe shades are more important than ever! That said, here are some best colour options that you can choose for your wardrobes:

Vastu approved wardrobe colours for your bedroom:

Light-wood finishes, neutrals, and whites are the most popular Vastu-approved wardrobe shades. When wardrobes take up a lot of space in a room, use colours that are both harmonious and elegant. Furthermore, these colours reflect light, making the space appear larger.

Wardrobe shades that you must avoid: Skip flashy wardrobe colours. Shades such as red and black depict negative emotions such as anger. Hence, do not go for deep and dark shades. Besides, dark shades can also make your room look bland and smaller than its actual size.

Best wardrobe colours for Indian bedrooms:

Take a look at the best colour combinations for your bedroom that are sure to look gorgeous and add aesthetic appeal to your space.

1. Go Bold:
When the rest of your room is decorated in subtle whites and neutral shades, strong colours for your wardrobe is best recommended. And what could be better than a smoky blue or a brilliant yellow? It will stand out in a whitish room.

2. Balancing tones:
The key is balance when it comes to proportions, textures, colours, and materials. Balancing the colours in your wardrobe can create a compelling bedroom design. Rose quartz, a passive shade, blends beautifully with the glossy hues of wood, as well as brilliant whites and creams, producing a delectable blend of impeccable shades. This wardrobe colour scheme is ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the master or guest bedroom. Use this wardrobe colour combo for small bedrooms as lighter shades can add the illusion of space to a room.

3. Wood for calming the senses:
Wardrobes with a wood finish appear elegant and are a fantastic choice for Indian homes. Reflect the woody accents of your wardrobe on the TV unit, side tables, and mirror frames to complement the rest of your room. Use hues of brown on the walls to emphasize the rustic vibe of your room. Traditional Indian wooden wardrobes, generally made of teak, can be given a twist with delectable tones of mahogany, cherry, and oak.

4. Shade block:
You can experiment with different cabinet colours and let your imagination run wild. Make it pop with bright, cheerful colours, or keep it cool with a sophisticated colour palette. To simulate an urban jungle, you can use greens such as the Pantone shade green with white. Choose a theme that you’ll enjoy and a unique colour scheme to make things stand out.

5. Sunny hints:
Well, we could all use a little more sunshine in our lives, so why not let it in through your wardrobe? Interior designers say that sunshine yellow is a shade that is bound to make a statement. However, ensure you utilise it correctly and in suitable places. For example, don’t paint your walls with this bright colour as you will grow tired of it quickly. However, it will surely boost your mood if it makes its way onto your headboard, wall accent, bed linen, or even a floor mat. But it’s when the sun shines through your very wardrobe that you will enjoy it the most!

6. Peek-a-boo:
This is a freebie tip for you. A wardrobe colour may appear overrated at times, which is why we have this small technique. For those who enjoy a little peek-a-boo here and there, frosted glass doors create a classic wardrobe. The best part is that you need not worry about whether it matches or acts as a contrast to the interior design of a room as it looks great in any space.

Wardrobe colours for your child’s bedroom-

Make a room that your kids will be able to treasure for a long time. Pick gender-neutral and pastel wardrobe colours as a long-term solution till your children can decide on a shade for themselves. There are numerous unique designs you can incorporate along with their favourite cartoon characters.

1. Mauve and white combo:
Mauve is a sombre and romantic tone that pairs nicely with creamy off-white and evokes the essence of luxury and femininity. This gorgeous wardrobe colour design is ideal for a feminine touch. Make sure the bedding, drapes, and wallpaper all have the same or similar shades.

2. The white and black wardrobe:
This yin and yang pair is a big favourite that never goes out of style. Regardless of how you blend these two colours, the result will be gorgeous as well as striking.

3. Red and white wardrobe colour:
This brilliant combination is adopted by numerous brands, and it also happens to look great in home décor. Red and white shades are one of the most daring colour combinations available, and it never fails to make a good impression.

4. Violet-blue and cream combination:
Violet and cream is a winning combo for many people. Simple edge-banded shutters with a matte laminated surface can be the centre of attraction in your room.

Expert interior designers suggest that if you already have an outstanding piece of décor in your room, you should choose a mild wardrobe colour combination rather than a flamboyant one. Give the wardrobe a basic yet elegant style to complement the lovely environment. For instance, create a sense of uniformity by pairing the wardrobe with the room’s tone.

Another way is to balance the colour palette by adding vibrant wardrobe shades to contrast with the muted colour of your bedroom. For example, a maroon wardrobe will pair beautifully with the neutral coloured walls of your room. It will give your space a contemporary look and make it even more striking.

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