Latest Wardrobe Designs From Würfel We Love in 2022

The wardrobe plays a very important role in our homes especially, bedrooms, where we use it to hoard maximum things. Hence, we need to make sure that the wardrobe is designed well, keeping in mind both functionality and designs.

It’s fun to decorate your home, but it’s easy to get carried away and lose focus in the process. It’s easy to try to create a wonderful, warm and inviting ambience by dumping everything into one space. But when it comes to decorating small spaces, having order is crucial since the eye must go through many regions to find what you want it to see.

If you are looking to add some wardrobe designs to your home, then you should definitely consider these latest wardrobe designs:

1. Rahmour Wardrobe:
The Rahmour wardrobe style by Würfel is one of the greatest modular wardrobe designs on the market. It has a white high-gloss polylacq surface and a traditional hinged door mechanism, giving it a modern look. The Rahmour wardrobe can be customised in terms of both style and proportions. The fact that this bedroom wardrobe has loft units is one of its most appealing characteristics. A nightstand table is included with the Rahmour wardrobe to facilitate further storage. To make this closet design more utilitarian, consider adding a little shoe rack.

2. Mezo Wardrobe:
The Mezo wardrobe is a multi-functional piece of furniture that can be placed in even the smallest of places. It’s an 8-feet wide sliding wardrobe with two sliding doors of 4-feet each. With white and grey accents, it has a high-gloss polylacq finish. The doorknobs on the wardrobe are incorporated into the doors to prevent them from colliding with the doors as they slide. The Mezo wardrobe’s glossy white and grey appearance is enhanced with brushed aluminium door handles making it a popular choice amongst the latest wardrobe designs.

3. Vanta Wardrobe:
The Vanta wardrobe is the perfect stylish addition for a modern bedroom. The doors are held in place by hidden hinges, and a soft-close mechanism is included. The primary benefit offered by the soft-close mechanism’s is that the closet door closes quietly, besides having other functional advantages.

The black colour of this trendy wardrobe contributes to the beauty of your bedroom décor. The striking black colour of this elegant wardrobe shines out against the lighter grey wall. By alternating black modern wardrobes with white accent components like the rug or flooring, a new monochromatic look is achieved. Vanta is a high-end designer modular wardrobe that combines beauty and functionality.

4. L’Or Wardrobe:
The L’Or wardrobe of Würfel has a walk-in closet design. A walk-in closet is a style of wardrobe that people pick when they have a large amount of storage space. This stylish wardrobe takes sophistication to the next level, with plenty of room for all of your possessions, from shoes to clothes to accessories. As illustrated, they have adjustable shelves, pull-out drawers, and hanger rods. This allows you to organise your closet more efficiently while still allowing your belongings to breathe. Finding what you’re looking for without having to dig through a mound of clothes is a cakewalk with a walk-in wardrobe design. The lacquer finish of the L’Or wardrobe is in a traditional design which makes it a top favourite amongst the latest wardrobe designs.

5. Chiaro Wardrobe:
The Chiaro wardrobe is distinctive in that it makes good use of the available corner space. Corners can be tough to work with when designing a wardrobe for your bedroom and are typically underutilised. If you have a tiny space, it becomes even more difficult to make use of this space. A corner wardrobe increases storage capacity while allowing full access to the corner of the closet. Because the corner of the Chiaro wardrobe is recessed, both doors open outward. Hanger space, storage, or a combination of the two can be added to the corner. Corner wardrobes come in a variety of styles, however if you want mirrored or wooden wardrobes, you need to get a professional to design the same.

6. Bastille Wardrobe:
Four laminate shutters with wooden texture and four simple mirror shutters make up the outer design of this modular wardrobe. Multiple layers of resins and flat paper are pressed together to create the laminate sheet, which is entirely waterproof. The laminate sheet is then pressed onto a sturdy high-density, water-resistant particleboard. The use of textured laminate boards is becoming more popular in the furniture industry as more people move towards a more eco-friendly variant and away from hardwood wardrobes, which are not eco-friendly. Sawmill shavings, resins, wood chips, and glue make up the laminate board, which makes it extremely sturdy. Despite the fact that it is not made of solid wood, it has a superior appearance and feel when compared to wooden wardrobes.

Würfel is an award-winning interior design company that promises to provide the greatest home interior design solutions for any property. The modular kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and wardrobes are constructed in India employing German technology and accuracy, using the highest quality raw materials imported straight from Europe. The designs are influenced by European architecture, while the pieces for the modular kitchens are made in India using German technology. Visit a Würfel studio near you and take the first step in your journey towards styling your dream home.