6 Secret Interior Design Tips for Beginners From Experts

The interiors of any place have the ability to make or break the ambience. If you get the design of a place right the other things will flow automatically. You might not always be able to get an interior designer to do your place but what you can do is set it up by yourself, which will also help you to add your favourite elements to the space.

Some people have a natural eye for design, but we understand if you’re one of those people who won’t make any substantial change before first consulting a Pinterest board or multiple YouTube videos and magazines. Even those of us who live and breathe interior design can benefit from some guidance and inspiration.

If you are looking to set up your place and do the interior design, here are some tried and tested tips you might want to keep in mind especially if you are a beginner:

1. Play around patterns:
Playing with patterns can be a very smart interior design tip and it goes a long way when it comes to making your place stand out. Include colourful patterns and designs to add some spunk to your space. Try playing around with creative patterns on the flooring or walls and keep it authentic yet stylish.

2. Add multi-purpose furniture:
It is a good idea to keep your home feeling spacious by leave some space idle. Instead of hoarding on many furniture, you can bring in multi-purpose furniture that can be used for multiple tasks instead of buying different ones. For example, a bed that comes with drawers and cabinets can be very useful as you can use the bed to sleep and the cabinets to hoard your things like books or other miscellaneous items.

3. Add pieces of your personality:
The pro tip to styling any house is keeping it your way. There is no better style than keeping it personal and real. Add elements like paintings you made or family photos as decorative pieces which will not only look good but will add some personality to your space. Add your artwork, get pieces of furniture and accessories and these things will help reflect your personality. This interior design tip will help you feel close to your home and will also feel more personal to your guests. You can make DIY accessories like wall hangings and frames which can make your space look even more creative.

4. Know the power of coffee tables:
Coffee tables are very underrated and underutilised pieces of furniture but when used properly they can change the game. They not just add to the aesthetics of the space but are also very functional. You can use it to store books and even pull them out when the guests show up. Adding one coffee table to each room can be a great advantage. It can add value to the entire aesthetic of the space while being useful at the same time.

5. Let there be light:
You may bring a lot of natural light into your home by employing exterior glazings such as windows, doors, and skylights. Sunlight aids in the production of serotonin, a pleasant neurotransmitter that keeps you active and rejuvenated. Natural light has the amazing ability to make a space appear less claustrophobic and somewhat larger. Especially in kitchens and bedrooms, it is essential for the light to seep in as so many activities happen in these places. Having lights around is a simple but very effective interior design tip. If you do not have much scope for windows and balconies then you can incorporate your own lighting with lamps, lanterns and even scented candles. Candles are very vintage and aesthetically pleasing and are a great way to bring in some light and calmness to the space.

6. Bring in the plants:
We feel happier, calmer, more productive, and relaxed when we are surrounded by greenery and nature in general. Adding plants to your home can automatically make the environment of your home more calm and peaceful. Plants don’t simply belong in our living rooms! Bring some plants inside the toilet to make your nighttime bubble bath even more relaxing. Without having to travel far, you’ll be able to reproduce the atmosphere of your favourite tropical spa-like holiday. To make long days in front of the computer screen feel a bit less blah, add some greens to your home office. While it’s crucial to keep your desktop as clutter-free as possible, plants can still stay on the ground or hang from the ceiling.

Apart from the above mentioned six interior design tips and tricks you could also consider other options like using wallpapers, experimenting with colour schemes, adding textures, and mirrors in order to make the space look more spacious and vibrant.

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