Modular Kitchen Essentials That Help Reduce Clutter

A modular kitchen has become synonymous with a modern kitchen inside of a modern home. And the concept of modular kitchen design has been very empowering especially for the urban population, generally struggling with the availability of space. 

Modular kitchen cabinets can be customised to suit diverse cooking styles, storage needs, and design philosophies. A modular kitchen also helps in ensuring good organisation, thus making day-to-day cooking a convenient and delightful affair.

If you’re also looking to have a modular kitchen for your home then keep reading to know about the essentials for modular kitchen designing.

1. Under Sink Cabinet
The space below the sink is limited and prone to getting dirty. You can use this space to store your cleaning supplies and kitchen towels for daily use. All you need to do is install racks and other available under-sink accessories, along with a cabinet door under to cut  this off from view. You can also install a dustbin-holder, which can hold the garbage bag and thus keep the floor area clean. This modular kitchen accessory is widely overlooked but extremely useful in keeping your kitchen organised and clean. Normally, the under sink cabinet area is where you are bound to have water drainage issues, but with Würfel the SS sink unit makes life easy. Because of the fact that it’s stainless steel, you would never face water draining issues, because no water can seep inside this, unlike other sink units. The 20-year warranty also is an added benefit that takes care of the longevity of the kitchen. The under sink unit is the most important part of a kitchen because this is where people see the highest issues. Having a great under sink unit helps a lot.

2. Tall Units for Pantry and More
A tall unit kitchen cabinet is a must-have if space permits. This will give your modular kitchen a more organised and elite look. This kitchen cabinet modern unit works well as a pantry and is ideal for storing all non-perishable groceries in one place. This accessory has storage on the doors and inside to keep everything organised but within reach. It also provides the kitchen with a place to stock the items that one uses once in a while which becomes a task in absence of a tall cabinet.

3. Magic Corner Unit
Managing space in urban homes is no easy task. Especially making use of the corners in the kitchen is even more difficult. The rotatable corner shelf doors can rotate up to  90° and the inside of these drawers have a pullout space where you can store your crockery, pots & pans. This ability to fit well in corners and rotate reasonably when needed, makes them the perfect solution for space management in modern modular kitchen. They can be retracted, and pushed back easily. This rotating shelf is a must for your modular kitchen.

4. Cutlery Tray Cabinet
What is the point of having a modular kitchen if there is no place to organize your cutlery for a seamless cooking experience? It can only be done when you have a dedicated compartment for cutlery. Keeping the drawer well-organised is next to impossible. Hence we recommend that you must have a cutlery organizer in your kitchen. This cabinet comes with separate compartments of various shapes sizes suitable for stocking forks, spoons, knives, tongs etc. This unit will make cooking, washing, and placing cutlery back much easier for you.

Do not forget to add these accessories in your modular kitchen. If you need the best place to create the home and kitchen that suit your needs, and resources best then come to us. We have been helping people craft their spaces to perfection for years for your modular kitchen designing related needs and much more.

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