Best Interior Design Ideas From the Past Decade

What we have achieved today is due to the cumulative learnings of our ancestors. It applies to all fields including Interior Design. Understanding the past helps live in the present and prepare for the future in a better way. The best interior design ideas from the past decade would play an instrumental role in shaping modern interior design as well. The age-old vintage ideas keep coming again in a different avatar to suit the current context. That’s why we need to thoroughly analyse the past while designing for the present and future.

Keeping this in mind we have brought the list of best interior design ideas and trends from the previous decade for our readers. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Upcycling and Recycling 
In the past decade, the trend of upcycling and recycling has caught up like forest fires and definitely deserves to be called one of the best interior design trends from the past decade. There is an increasing number of cool cafes that are using seemingly waste material in decorating their interiors. The Imperfecto Ruin pub in Noida is a good example for the same. They have used old motherboards, plastic bottles, brushes and whatnot in crafting a real cool and happening place. Although there is a general perspective that upcycling is confined to discarded or low value items that are not needed anymore, the truth is that you can upcycle almost anything, even the most valuable items in an endless number of ways. The humongous amount of waste that is generated each year and the extravagant amount of energy that goes into production of various items made upcycling, recycling and reusing stuff indispensable for the survival of human civilisation. And as they say, creativity thrives in constraints. That’s how over the past decade, millions of office spaces, coffee houses, buildings and homes have been crafted beautifully using the upcycled materials. And in the coming decades you’re only going to see more of it. Take a look at some of the recycling and reusing interior design ideas. 

2. Environment Conscious Interior Design
The past century has led to extreme exploitation of natural resources leading to mass deforestation, ocean pollution, gradual wildlife extinction and disappearing rivers and rivulets. But the human civilizations woke up to this and sustainable development became a central theme of all industrial endeavours. Protecting the environment has been the priority for the past few decades and this environmentalism reflects in the interior design ideas of the past decade as well. Interior design companies have put considerable thought in crafting decor ideas and items that are environmentally sustainable. Upcycling is a reflection of that. The environmentally conscious philosophy of designing interiors is also called Sustainable Interior Design. This design philosophy aims at maximizing energy efficiency, reducing waste, using environmentally friendly raw material, and at creating long lasting, durable decor items. At Würfel, we are environment friendly and we are conscious about the world. For every kitchen installed, we plant a tree, read more about it at 

3. Scandinavian Designs
Scandinavian designs are all about being minimalist and cosy. It is also one of the best interior design trends that have picked up during the last decade. Having a fireplace, neutral and pastel colours, a wooden coffee table for room interiors are some of the key elements of this trend. After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

These are a few of the best interior design ideas from the past decade. But this decade sees more classy, contemporary styles in neutral colours and earthen elements. No matter what is your design philosophy there is something for you at Würfel. We are driven by creating spaces for our customers that are an extension of their personalities.

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