Designing your dream modular kitchen is one of the most thrilling remodelling projects for any homeowner. It allows you to implement your creative mind and put all the Pinterest inspiration boards that you have curated over the years to good use. The sheer amount of effort and planning that goes into the whole process of designing a luxury modular kitchen does make it seem like an overwhelming task, especially when you don’t know what you’re undertaking.

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The kitchen being the most used room of our home makes it a crucial part of our makeover project. This is the place where our family gathers, make memories and engage in heartfelt conversations.Besides evoking a welcoming and functional environment, your European modular kitchen should also reflect your personal sense of style and ambience.

The key to designing the best modular kitchen in India lies in giving due importance to its planning prior to the execution of the project. Whether you plan on carrying out the remodel of your European modular kitchen on your own or with the help of an expert, these steps will set you up for optimal success and will put you on the right track:

  1. Make a list of the elements you want in your customised modular kitchen design:

First and foremost, make a list of the “must-have” elements in your modular kitchen design to help eliminate the ones that you can do without.For example, you may require a breakfast counter in your kitchen that’s separate from your dining area or you may also require separate cabinets to store your appliances such as the toaster, mixer, microwave etc.

So, make a list of all your essential kitchen elements and figure out which ones are the most important to you.

Now that you have figured out what elements you need in your customised modular kitchen design, you can finally decide on your kitchen layout. There are six different types of modular kitchen layouts that are trending in the market today, namely the U-shaped layout, the L-shaped layout, the G-shaped layout, the peninsula layout, the parallel layout and the island layout. Select the layout that best suits your space and requirements and then move ahead to the next part of the process.

After you have selected the best layout for your customised modular kitchen design and made a list of all the elements that you require, you can start planning your storage solutions. Whether you want more cabinets in your kitchen or you prefer having drawers and tall units, make sure to pick your storage solutions in a manner that best fits your needs without disrupting the overall design of your modular kitchen. You can also include additional storage solutions such as corner units, bottle pullouts etc., to better utilise the space of your modular kitchen layout.No two kitchens will have the same storage solutions, you need to be creative and find out what will suit you and your lifestyle!

You can now determine the overall look of your modular kitchen design. Browse through the trending kitchen design styles andchoose a design theme that complements your style perfectly. The most popular European modular kitchen design styles include the traditional, modern, transitional, vintage, country, eclectic etc. Pick the design style that best fit your kitchen space as well as your requirements.

It’s time to do some more research and pick out the best materials for your modular kitchen design. From MDF boards to plywood, there is a wide range of materials available to help you build the best modular kitchen in India. You should also choose the colour scheme of your modular kitchen layout along with the finish depending on the style you have chosen for your European modular kitchen design. You can also choose dual tones for your kitchen and match them with the right finish to help achieve a modern look for your interiors.

Lights are one of the most integral aspects of your modular kitchen design. They help tie the whole look together by setting the tone of your kitchen layout. You can give a more modern or a more traditional look to your space by including the right light fixtures in your design. Ensure that you have incorporated lighting that is specifically meant for highlighting the ambience of the room as well as for providing assistance towards the completion of kitchen tasks. Having the right balance of task and ambience lighting is the key to achieving the perfect harmony in your modular kitchen design.

Ventilation is one of the most overlooked aspects of the kitchen but the fact is that it is an important part of its design. A good ventilation system will improve the functionality of your modular kitchen. The kitchen can turn hot and grimy with time because cooking leads to the generation of a lot of odours, grease and smoke. Including a functional ventilation system in your kitchen design is the easiest way to control the temperature and improve the air quality of the kitchen. It works by expelling the hot air and constantly circulating the air inside your kitchen. This helps to greatly improve the air quality which gives rise to a more pleasant kitchen environment.

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