10 Parallel Kitchen Designs for Homes of All Sizes

While designing a house, you would consider the budget, location and other factors which contribute to the overall ambience. The kitchen is important as it adds aesthetics to the decor of your home. It is a blessing if you have an area designed in parallel in your kitchen. However, it is easier said than done as not all homes have space for a parallel kitchen plan.

When you think about kitchen designs on a global scale, there are so many different options to choose from. There’s everything from the huge kitchens of cosmopolitan cities to the small kitchens of homey cafes. The parallel kitchen design is one such design that has been steadily rising in popularity more recently. The parallel kitchen is long and narrow and it has two parallel walls consisting of countertops, cabinetry, and other kitchen essentials like the stove, sink, appliances, refrigerator, etc. This type of kitchen layout is preferred by homeowners and designers who seek to save space as they fit perfectly into both smaller and larger homes.

Let’s look at some ways that’ll help you convert your existing kitchen into a parallel kitchen design that you can be easily adapted for your home:

1. L-Shaped with Island:
This kitchen design is ideal for large families as it has plenty of storage space as well as a large area for cooking, eating, and entertaining guests. The kitchen design can be customised by adding an island in the centre, which provides additional counter space while also allowing the cook to interact with the guests.

2. L-Shaped Without Island:
The L-shaped design makes good use of the available space and is versatile enough to be customised based on your requirements and budget. There is plenty of space in this kitchen as there are no islands or appliances in the middle of the floor plan that might obstruct the free flow of traffic through the kitchen.

3. U-Shaped Parallel Kitchen Without an Island:
This parallel kitchen design features countertops, cabinetry and appliances on three sides, creating a U-shape around the central cooking area. You can try the combination of white and brown that creates a harmonious look that’s perfect for contemporary homes. This layout will also give enough space for more than two people to work in the kitchen without overcrowding.

4. U-Shaped with Island:
A U-shaped modular kitchen design layout is a great option if you have a large family or entertain frequently at home​. This modular kitchen design will give your family a perfect place to hang out and spend quality time with each other.

5. Compact Parallel Kitchen:
If you live in a small house, you might find it difficult to find much space to dedicate specifically for cooking and food preparation. With the compact parallel kitchen design, you can easily create an organised cooking space without taking up too much room!

Also known as galley kitchens, they are narrow spaces with counters running along two opposing walls. It allows you to maximise the space available in your home while also minimising clutter and providing ample storage space.

6. All-White Parallel Modular Kitchen Design:
Parallel kitchens can be designed in a number of ways, but they all include a long counter with several appliances and cabinets on either side. The elegant all-white cabinets on this parallel kitchen design are perfect for modern homes. A small island unit provides additional counter space and seating for two.

7. Orange & White Parallel Kitchen Design:
This orange and white parallel kitchen design combines traditional Indian style with contemporary European aesthetics. The bright orange cabinets and white walls create an attractive colour combination and are pleasing to the eye and mind as well so that you can come out of the kitchen in a happy mood.

8. A Parallel Kitchen with an Island:
This modular kitchen design can be a stunning choice if you have a central island attached to the countertop. The entire setup of this parallel kitchen can be with a dark colour combination that will lend the room a warm, inviting vibe. The island also doubles as a breakfast bar for casual dining and can be used for food preparation as well.

9. Parallel Kitchen Just for Essentials:
This one needs to be your choice if you prefer your rooms to be trimmed down to their basics. You can discard everything you think will take up space in your kitchen, like the fridge and the microwave and include them elsewhere in your home. A key element of this design is making sure there are no dead ends in your kitchen that may cause traffic jams when there are several people working at once. There should be plenty of counter space between the two opposing ends, but it doesn’t need to be excessive if you are facing space crunch.

10. Modular Kitchen Cabinets Without Handles:
A parallel kitchen design with handle-less cabinets screams space-saving. The seamless beauty of a modular kitchen design blends nicely with a modern home and is best suited for compact homes. The all-white colour combination for this design will look like a masterpiece, with an integrated sink and some glass fixtures, making even a small kitchen look classy and spacious.

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