10 Methods To Help Keep Your Modular Kitchen Clean

The kitchen is one of the most crucial areas at home not just because we use it to cook our meals, but also because it’s usually the room where our families get together to have a nice conversation. Due to the significance of the kitchen, it’s important that you ensure that you will install a modular kitchen variant as it provides both style and utility.

Modular kitchen designs are very popular in the market today, yet people still struggle to find inspiration for their own. One of the things that are great with modular kitchens is that because they are made to order, you can change them or add modules whenever you need more storage or counter space.

Although it is easier to combine elegance and functionality with a modular kitchen design, they still require regular upkeep to ensure that kitchen equipment remains in excellent condition for many years.

Read on to know different methods to help keep your modular kitchen clean-

1. Appliances:
Before you start the process of cleaning your appliances, make sure to unplug them and wipe off the dust. If they come with removable parts, detach them and let them soak in a bucket filled with warm water and cleaning liquid. Then use a damp cloth and a cleaning agent to clean the interior, exterior and the base. Lastly, you should dry the appliances with a clean cloth to prevent the formation of rust.

2. Maintain a Clean Backsplash and Countertop:
Keep your countertops and backsplash clean by using organic cleaning agents. Applying harsh chemicals may turn their surface rough. You can use warm water disinfectants every day to wipe off the fingerprints and stains.

3. Keep your Cabinets and Drawers Clean:
When it comes to the cabinets and drawers, make sure that you’re not too harsh while scrubbing them as it may damage the finish or paint. Make your own gentle cleaner by mixing two parts hot water with one part mild dishwashing soap or the same ratio of hot water to distilled white vinegar. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and you’re good to go!

Also, make sure that the cabinets, pull-outs, and drawers are properly closed to avoid spills. Before you organise your utensils, wipe them clean to avoid the collection of moisture which produces bacteria.

4. Maintain a Clean Sink:
Garbage should not be placed in the sink. Allowing food leftovers to build in it is not a good idea. Instead of chlorine-based liquids, rinse them with non-toxic, mild cleaners. Use nylon scrubbing pads instead of harsh scrubbing pads to prevent the appearance of scratches. You may also clean the sink with a solution of water and vinegar to keep it germ-free and eliminate odours.

5. Clean the Stove:
Keep food bits away from the hob of the stove and clean it up as soon as you’re done cooking. When using a cleaning liquid, be careful not to spill it all over the place as it can damage the hob of the stove.

6. Clean your Floor and Wall Tiles:
Besides keeping your cabinets clean, you should also have a regular cleanup of the floor and wall tiles to render that sparkling look to your kitchen. Using an efficient tile cleaner, warm water, and a soft cloth, scrape the dirt away from the tiles to remove grease and stains. If the stains are stubborn, repeat the process with warm water and a clean towel.

Alternatively, you can also make a paste with a bit of baking soda and vinegar. Fill up the gaps between the tiles with this paste. Allow 30 minutes for the paste to settle and dry. Using warm water and a rag, easily remove it. Use a grout cleaner or stain remover that suits the texture of your kitchen tiles in case the stains are particularly tenacious.

7. Microwave Cleaning:
If your microwave is included in the design of your modular kitchen, you need to take some extra measures to make sure that it stays clean. You can clean the outside of your microwave with a solution of water and vinegar or lemon juice. Lemon, like vinegar, is an excellent natural disinfectant for microwave ovens. Simply half a lemon and place cut side down on a microwavable platter. Place the plate in the microwave with a few teaspoons of water until steam appears. Remove the dish from the microwave and wipe away any extra liquid; that’s all there is to it.

8. Refrigerator Cleaning:
Your refrigerator holds many items. You can clean the fridge in your modular kitchen design by quickly taking out all the items and cleaning the shelves with a damp cloth. Do not forget to wipe them off with a dry cloth before putting them back inside the fridge.

9. Have an Extra Pair of Cleaning Towels:
You need to have extra cleaning towels because if you use that one towel over and over again, there is a chance of bacteria growing on it. It is not advisable to clean your countertops with a towel that acts as a breeding ground for bacteria.

10. Take Out the Trash:
No matter how much trash is accumulated in your kitchen, you need to take it out regularly. This way, the kitchen will not smell and you will have free space to throw new trash.

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