Ways to Make Your Extendable Dining Table Stand Out at Your Home

The dining room has many functions apart from just being a place where you break bread. The dining room is a space where you can entertain guests or even work out in! The dining table is the key component of your dining space, and today there are many types of dining tables you can choose from to suit your home décor. From the standard, rectangular table to square and round tables. These days due to the major issue of space crunch, most homeowners are opting for extendable dining tables. These tables come in a size that can seat four people and can be extended to seat up to eight! With a simple mechanism, the dining table top pulls apart and the middle portion forms the extendable part, by increasing the portion at each end of the dining table. When not in use, they can be folded back into their original size. There are many ways to make your dining table stand out and look spectacular. Here are a few ways how you can accomplish this.

Upgrade your lighting!
Pendant lights or chandelier lights can make a huge difference to your dining area. They give your extendable dining table an expensive and grand look. They are extremely stylish and can act as a statement piece in your dining room! Based on the kind of lights you use in them, they can completely change the mood of your dining room. Using warm or recessed lights can create a romantic feel while bright lights can illuminate the entire room.

Centerpieces: Show off!
There are plenty of things you can use as centerpieces on your extendable dining table. Placing a vase with fresh flowers is the easiest and most simple way of bringing in a fresh look to your dining table. There are many artifacts that you can use to make a statement piece as well. A beautiful sculpture or even a crystal centerpiece can make a huge difference in your dining room.

Rugs or Carpets: Roll them out!
Placing a statement rug or carpet under your dining room brings in a warm and cosy feel to your dining room. It adds a personal touch and elevates your extendable dining table. However, ensure that the carpet is oversized in comparison to the dining table so they look more spacious rather than cramped.

Console table: Pair it up!
If you have the space, add a console table to your dining room set. With a console table accompanying your extendable dining table, your room is sure to look fancy! Pairing the console table with a mirror can further improve the ambience of the room and also make it look spacious and airy!

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