Console Tables to Bolster Your Dining Experience

Did you know, console tables were mesmerizing decorative pieces that royals used to place in their mansions and palaces? They boosted the décor for your dining room and are often associated with the term opulence. Today, these gorgeous pieces of furniture are often placed in the entryway, hallway and other areas in the house. They are both functional as well as aesthetic and bolster the style of your dining room like nothing else. Console tables provide storage for all those fancy china that you have stashed away and keep them safe and from collecting dust. Here are a few ways to bolster your dining experience with console tables.

Mirrors: Shine bright like a diamond!
Console tables that are paired with large mirrors adds light to the room and a splash of sophistication. Not only do mirrors bounce off the light and make the room feel more open but it also makes the dining room feel more spacious. These mirrors can be framed or unframed, and can be in any shape you feel will suit your décor style

Artwork: Get creative!
In this situation, the console tables act like an anchor for an eye-catching work of art. It doesn’t have to be just one piece of art, you can also create a gallery wall. Hang all your favourite artwork or photo frames on the wall and create a point of interest in your dining room! They are a great conversation starter and gives you something to talk about.

Greenery: Breathe life!
Adding small succulent plants in decorative ceramic pots can bolster your dining room ambience like nothing else. Plants have so many positive qualities about them that it’s hard to not have them anywhere in the house! They give a very fresh and vibrant look to your dining room and is also natural air purifier!

Lighting: Glow up!
Lighting plays a huge role in the dining room. Consider placing task lights or wall sconces on either side of the wall with your console table in between. Using recessed lights can add a very romantic feel to the ambience of your dining room. You can also have a table lamp with a detailed fabric lampshade to give your dining space a look from the Victorian era!

Today you will find console tables with drawers, shelves and glass cabinetry. These console tables add a modern touch to the dining room and elevate your dining experience! They are a great accompaniment to your dining table set and should be considered a must-have!

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