Best Ways to Enhance Storage Space in Your Bookcase

Storage Space in Bookcase

A well-organised bookshelf is a key to a perfectly styled bookshelf. You may have old and worn-out book covers but with proper organising skills, you can still make it look interesting. You should not feel bad if all your books are not gold and leather-bound or if you do not have a separate room dedicated to your book collection. If you want a clean and enhanced storage space for your bookshelf you need to be strict with yourself. Yes, it is not always ideal to get rid of books but your bookshelf space is not infinite. It will only hold a limited number of books. If your bookcase is overflowing with titles, you need to prioritize some books over others. There are several ways to make a bookshelf look more organized and enhance storage space in your bookcase.

1. Separate your paperbacks and hardcover books
An unorganised bookshelf has all kinds of books tucked in a single row. You should avoid doing this. It will not only eat away the majority of your space but also will give a cluttered and unkempt feel to the space. Dedicate separate shelves to paperback books and hardcover books for a cleaner approach. It is one of the best ways to enhance your storage space for your bookshelves and also it enhances the visual aesthetic. 

Best Ways to Enhance Storage Space in Your Bookcase

2. Horizontal and vertical stacking of books
Start by mixing up the book placements by horizontally and vertically stacking books. You can use the same shelf for arranging books in both these patterns and then for a little change you can dedicate separate shelves for one particular book organising style, that is one shelf for vertical placement and another for horizontal.

3. Dividing books by size
Placing books according to the book size will save you a lot of space. If you have big books try to place them vertically and then try to fit your medium or small-sized books at the top of the vertical stack in a horizontal manner. You can also follow a different pattern by stacking the big books at the very base of the shelf floor followed by organising few other books vertically by their side. You can repeat this pattern throughout the bookshelf. The goal here is to create clean margins and straight lines to give the bookshelf an uncluttered look.

Best Ways to Enhance Storage Space in Your Bookcase

4. Think about what you want to do with unwanted books
The major problem is the fact that your bookshelf has limited space but the number of books you possess will keep increasing every year. If this is the case you should decide what to do with unwanted or old books. There are few options, for example, you can keep them on display elsewhere, or give them away to friends and relatives. You can also re-sell them off either offline or online. You can also donate these books and free up space for new arrivals.

Your books not only beautify and enlighten your mind but also your home. Give them the space and honor that they deserve. check out more home decor inspiration and elevate the aura of your home. On the lookout for a new bookshelf? Choose from a huge collection at Wurfel and bring home elegance. Visit a Würfel studio near you and take the first step in your journey towards owning your dream home interiors.