How to Optimise Storage Space Within Your Drawers

optimize storage space

Storage is the key to a well-functioning home whether it’s your wardrobe or your drawers. Firstly you should opt for a well-designed drawer. A well-designed drawer can serve maximum utility even in a very modest space. If you take time and think about where to put which item you will automatically be able to optimize the underused drawer corners. It will successfully create more space without creating any clutter inside the drawer. There is an old saying that, “A place for everything and everything in its place”, which should really be the mantra for maximizing space in your drawer. Listed below are some tips to optimize storage space within your drawers and bring more order.

Cleaning is the most authentic way to make space for new stuff inside your drawer. Go through the objects in your drawer thoroughly and keep only the ones that are absolutely necessary. A chest of drawers no matter how big it is will surely run out of space if you can’t prioritize what to keep and what not to keep. So empty your drawer wisely and make space for new things.

Replace the old drawer
You can replace your old drawer with a contemporary designed model which offers the facility of strategically partitioned space. It will give you more storage capacity for accessories of different weights and sizes.

How to Optimise Storage Space Within Your Drawers

Prioritise your items
Essential items that you use every day should get the first preference in your drawer. If you have more items piled up then create a separate storage facility like a cupboard to stock in the extra or unnecessary items. 

Inbuilt drawers
You can build a secret drawer like a drawer inside the chest of another drawer. It will be smaller in size and will be ideal for keeping smaller things in. It will also save the actual drawer from clutter.

How to Optimise Storage Space Within Your Drawers

Divide items
Once you have selected your drawer, dividing your items is the first step for clutter-free storage space. Remember to choose a dedicated place for each item and keep each item in its designated place. It will also give more space to accommodate additional items.

The Konmari Method
If your drawer is for your clothes then following the Konmari method will give you a lot of space to accommodate a huge number of t-shirts and pants. The art of folding clothes vertically is known as the Konmari method. This precise manner of organising clothes in an upright position saves a lot of space. Fold your clothes in a rectangular shape and then tuck them in the drawer into a tight bundle. It will allow you to create rows of your clothing. Add up to 50 percent more space in your drawers instantly with this method. Also, every piece will be practically organised, visible, and reachable. You can pick one item without disorganising the rest. The Konmari method is time-efficient and can bring in a world of difference to your drawer spaces.

Storage is without a doubt the most essential aspect behind a neat, tidy, and clutter-free home. No amount of decoration can make a home beautiful if it is nonfunctional, lacks storage, is dirty and cluttered. An organised and functional home is a step closer to a beautiful home. Thinking about installing new and improved storage spaces in your home? With a huge collection to choose from Wurfel is your one-stop solution to all your storage troubles. Optimize your home now, just visit a Würfel studio near you and take the first step in your journey towards owning your dream home interiors.